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Social media has quickly become an indispensable tool for businesses to connect with potential customers. It allows you to communicate directly with a wide variety of different target audiences but without the costs and time involved in traditional advertising.

You can use social media for your business in many ways, including to grow a customer base, promote yourself (your brand), and create revenue.

How to Grow Your Business with Facebook 

There are lots of great tools available for you to manage your social media to grow a business or brand. They can make your brand’s various social media platforms and accounts easier to manage. Plus, they help improve your overall social media experience  by allowing you to be more efficient and use your time better.

Here are three tools to consider using as your social media presence grows.


Postling lets you observe your activity across multiple social media outlets. You can keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, etc. You get notifications every time your brand gets mentioned on the web, and you can share that with a click of your mouse. It only costs a dollar for the first thirty days. It’s ten dollars a month after that for five accounts, and three additional dollars for every account past five.

If you’re putting lots of effort into social media, you want to experience some type of return on your social media investment. This is one possible way you can track that return.


This is a social media program that is targeted to Twitter and Facebook users. It allows you to schedule posts for both Twitter and Facebook and it helps you keep tabs on followers: new ones, those you have yet to respond to, and followers with high influence.

Pricing varies on how many accounts you have, but this service starts at one Twitter and one Facebook account for nine dollars a month.


Pinterest is becoming more and more popular for brands who are trying to create awareness about their products and services. You can use Tailwinds to keep track of activity on Pinterest. It allows you to keep up with mentions of your company and your products. It also reports on growth and shrinkage of your reach, followers, re-pins, and more.

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These are just a few products you can use to improve your social media efficiency and overall experience.

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