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Do you want to get more Pinterest followers? You should. Pinterest produces much more revenue per click than either Twitter or Facebook. Pinterest drives shoppers to your website. Even if they don’t buy immediately, your site is in their mind when they do decide the time is right.

As an Internet marketing tool, Pinterest can be much more effective for reaching your customers than Facebook or Twitter, depending on what goods and services your brand is selling.

Pintrest For Business

The average tweet gets retweeted about one percent of the time. A pin averages ten repins.

Pinterest is a place to showcase your product, not simply provide opinions and ideas. Pinterest is also much less focused on advertising when compared to Facebook or Twitter.

To those of us using social media professionally, nothing is quite as exciting as getting new followers. Especially as every follower could translate to more revenue for your business…isn’t that what it’s really about? About half of all American online shoppers are using Pinterest in their decision making process about internet purchases. That’s a lot of shoppers. Way too many to neglect Pinterest’s potential for your business.

You need Pinterest followers. Or at least your business does, anyway. There are a few proven methods for more followers on Pinterest. You should connect your Pinterest to you other social media outlets. You want your visitors on Facebook and Twitter to head to your Pinterest.

Look at what content people are pinning from your website. Use that to design your  future content. Find out what format is working for you (what people are repinning), and stick to it. This isn’t to say you can’t evolve. Just use what works.

If you’re not already, give Pinterest a trial run. You’ll probably find it will help your business.

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