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Pintrest For BusinessPinterest, just like Instagram, is one of the quickest growing social platforms in the world and many call it a mix between Facebook and Twitter.

It’s time to get your business on these fast growing platforms.

Pinterest allows you to have lots of followers to whom you can share your interests.

Pinterest can give you a quick boost of traffic and customers.

  1. Promote others. A mistake new Pinterest profile owners make is only posting products he/she sells. But this is entirely backwards. Many successful Pinterest users declared that in order for a profile to become popular, you also need to pin tips, products from other companies and interesting news(related to your business and industry). If you only post your own products, Pinterest users will spot that sooner or later and might not be interested in your updates anymore.
  2. Spend the time.  There is no social media network where you will be popular right from signing up. The key is spending the time on all of them. You need to prove to your fans and followers that you are an important and credible source of information. It can take months for even the biggest companies in the world to reach a high number of followers, so understand its a marathon not a sprint. Keep in mind that spending time to build a profile is important.
  3. Connect online with offline. Remember to always tie back a line between the online profile and the offline marketing. If you have a store, include some ads on the walls for your Pinterest profile (and other social media networks for that matter). And if you have something like it, then advertise all your Pinterest stuff there as well. Combining the offline with the online is a good recipe for success.
  4. Learn from the elite. It is a good idea to follow big hitters on Pinterest and see what they are doing(modeling success is the easiest way to achieve success). Big companies spend A LOT of money on this stuff so if they do something a specific way, there is definitely a reason behind it. Follow their lead.
  5. Do you fit in? Not all businesses are a good fit for this platform, so ask yourself i you fit in. Is your company really fit to use this particular social media tool? There are companies out there who are simply not a good fit because their target audience is not present on Pinterest. If you think the ones you want to do business with are there, then use Pinterest, otherwise try to avoid spending time on it and focus on something else.

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