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How to get better results using Pinterest for your business.

It’s been awhile since we talked about one popular social media platform, Pinterest. This is why we wanted to share some additional tips that can help you use Pinterest to grow your business and your brand.

Pinterest is a visual medium that allows brands and businesses to drive traffic to their sites. It’s based on the idea of a virtual bulletin board of sorts, where users pin different blog posts, tutorials, products and articles and arrange them by categories.

For a general overview of how to have success on Pinterest, check out this post we did a few months back.

Bloggers really jumped in with Pinterest in the beginning, but brands quickly saw it as a marketing vehicle for themselves too. No matter if you provide a product or a service, your brand can grow using Pinterest. It can help you gain new followers via social media, increase your customer base, and achieve higher SEO ranking. But only if you put into practice some proven methods.

1. Think about your Content Format

Across any social media platform, the content that gets shared is in a format that is engaging, easy to read and noteworthy. When you are creating branded content for your product or service, format it in such a way that consumers will want to share it.

This include creating lists that catch readers eyes. Magazines have been doing this for years. Think about all the magazines you see on news racks with covers that state things like: 5 Ways to Get Fit, Top 10 Fall Fashions, Improve your Business in 3 Easy Steps.

People love lists such as these because they are easy to read.

2. Spend More Time on Photos

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to spend a little bit more time making your photos pop.

One way to improve your success on Pinterest is to create photos with text or title graphics on them. Among the sea of photos on Pinterest, the ones that get re-pinned the most have title text.

3. Make it Easy for Your Audience to Pin

If you don’t already have a “Pin It” button embedded in your blog or website, consider adding one. This makes it easier for fans to pin your content.

This same concept can be applied to social media across the board. When you create engaging content that is easily shared, readers will be more likely to spread it, thus contributing to your virality.

Another way you can make your content easier to share is by creating tags and captions for your photos. Use keywords that are likely to be searched.

Use Pinterest to Get Results for your Brand or Company

When you follow these tips, you will begin to see more results with Pinterest. Social media is a powerful tool and it is made even more so when users execute it in a way that brings positives outcomes.

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