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You’ve probably been using Facebook for some time now. Depending on how you’re using it, you may notice the slight changes that are constantly taking place with regard to the way it functions. These changes affect personal accounts, but even more so they have a great impact on using Facebook for a business or brand.

It is possible to make Facebook work for you, but you gotta know the secrets. That’s why we’re sharing this incredible video with you today. Our own Oliver Graf sat down with Internet marketing guru Adam Spiel to talk about Facebook. Specifically, how to use Facebook to grow your business and keep ahead of the platform’s constant changes.

Here’s how the video breaks down:

0:35 Who is Adam and what does he do?
5:05 Facebook is business friendly “I spend $100 and make $200”
9:49 Hyper-targeting Customers: Google vs Facebook
13:42 Customer Avatar
15:34 Facebook “Farming”, get in front of your ideal customer
18:38 Facebook is the ultimate referral marketing tool
21:49 Setting up your Facebook page the right way
24:25 How to capture leads from Facebook
26:40 How to convert leads to paying customers
27:45 “The Free Conslutation Strategy”
31:22 How to set up winning Facebook Ads
42:35 Message to the first timers and nay-sayers
46:10 Setting up Conversion tracking
48:30 The Secret Sauce, what makes it all happen

Adam Spiel is an incredible Facebook marketer and his strategies are tried and true for generating a flood of business.

So you want to enhance your business or get more leads? Maybe you’d like to convert more offers and close more sales. If you answered yes, this is your time.

When Adam first jumped in with Facebook, things were much different and he says that it’s much more business friendly than ever before. In his experience, he has found a system within the platform that can be applied. He has seen clients experience huge returns on investments from Facebook, when they apply the technique.

From business coaching consultants to real estate agents and loan officers and clients across many other industries, Adam gives the same advice using the same formula. It just needs to be tweaked to meet your unique needs.

Facebook is very focused, allowing you to get uber specific and reach the right people so you can get the best results. It’s exciting for marketers to see just how targeted Facebook will allow you to be. And if you have a brand or business, it should be exciting to you as well.

The video also touches on how you can integrate your Google efforts with your Facebook marketing to achieve maximum results and impact for your brand.

It also explains how Facebook should be used for educating customers, drawing them in and giving them reasons to check out your content. If Google is a marketplace, Facebook is a party. It requires a different strategy, but you can get incredible results when you put them into play.

There’s always new research hitting the scene, but it’s important to keep current on the latest Facebook stats and figures. And if there’s anything we can do to help you make the most out of social media for your brand or company, please contact us!

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