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There are many great social media tools out there for Internet marketing, but one of the most powerful is Twitter. Twitter allows you to connect with your audience in dynamic ways. But it’s not enough to just talk to your audience using Twitter.

You should also implement a strategy that will allow you to extend your influence online. One way to do this using Twitter is to create content that is easily shared, in this case: retweets.

Retweet is a term on Twitter that refers to a Twitter user sharing the Tweet of another with his followers. When you have a content strategy in place to get Retweets, it can lead to more influence, followers and Web traffic.

Here are a few tips for getting more re-tweets while using Twitter for Internet marketing.

1. Tweet Often 

If a Twitter user is following hundreds or even thousands of other users, chances are he or she won’t see everything that is being tweeted. The life of any given tweet is approximately 1-2 hours. This is why it’s important that you tweet often.

It’s not enough to tweet only once a day and hope that your audience sees it.

2. Tweet at different times of day

Not only should you be tweeting a lot, you should change up the times of day when you share your tweets. Everyone who follows you might not live in the same time zone, so it’s important to think about when other parts of the world are awake too.

You can use programs such as Hootsuite to schedule your tweets throughout the day and even select optimum times for pushing out your content.

3. Ask for what you want

Most people can’t read your mind. If you really want some retweets, you should ask for them!

Adding the phrase “please retweet” to your tweets increases the chances of a retweet by 160%!

You can also use the phrase “Pls RT” or simply “RT” to encourage retweeting.

4. Share links 

Twitter is popular because it offers users a way to find out breaking news and updates as well as helpful, informative content.

Numerous studies show that people are most likely to retweet news updates and instructional posts.

So include links in your tweets. It’s even better if the links point back to pages on your website or blog that people would want to know about.

5. Retweet Others

Be a friendly social media user. Don’t just ask others to retweet your content. Help spread other content by retweeting it as well.

Social media success is not about self-promotion. It’s about building relationships and friendly engagement to grow your circle of influence.

6. Keep it short so others can Retweet

Twitter limits users to 140 characters. This isn’t much when you’re trying to say everything you want to sometimes.

When writing tweets that you want to be retweeted, keep them short, anywhere from 80 to 100 characters. This leaves lots of room for the handle of the user who is retweeting.

Also, watch your spelling and keep it concise. Tweets that needs lots of editing or shortening rarely get retweeted.

Make it easy for others to retweet you so they will put forth the effort to do so.

7. Include #Hashtags 

Hashtags are a great way to get your content in front of a wider audience. A recent study from Microsoft found that 18% of the retweets that were analyzed had hashtags.

Just use them sparingly so it doesn’t get annoying. One or two hashtags per tweet is fine.

In conclusion, retweets are what you want. We’ve shared some ways to get them. If you put a few of these tips into play, you should start seeing more retweets from your followers.

Ultimately, you want to use Twitter to speak your audience’s language. Share amazing content and they will want to keep the flow going, thus more retweets for your brand. And if you need some extra help with social media or anything else that has to do with Internet Marketing, please feel free to get in touch with us… Join our community of Internet and Social Media Enthusiasts

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