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Whether you are a seasoned social media pro or have just begun implementing Internet marketing for business strategies, it’s important to stay current on the latest happenings in the world of social media.

Have you heard about Facebook’s newest feature of video advertising? Facebook has a new video platform that gives advertisers an entirely new way to reach their target audiences. But it’s important to find the best way to utilize it in order to reach your audience in the most effective way.

This will help you market your brand to your consumers and grow your business on Facebook using tried and true Interent marketing methods. With careful execution, employing a new advertising technique can attract your target demographic and help you with holding their attention.

As you work on Internet marketing for business, take a look at a few of these ideas for your Facebook video advertising plan.

TV and Facebook Advertisements are not the same– The same ads that might get you great results on television probably won’t yield the same return on social media. They might, but there’s a good chance you need to create something uniquely tailored to social media’s culture and atmosphere. Consider the differences in sound and screen, length and content of your various ads. Generate unique advertisements meant specifically to be experienced on Facebook and you’ll have better results.

Get to the Point and do it fast- In real estate, the number one rule is Location, location, location. In social media marketing and online ads, the rule is Attention, attention, attention. That is, how long will your viewers pay attention to you before clicking over to something else.

Make your online videos quick experiences for your target audience that get right to the point. Get your audience’s attention quickly and only try to keep it for a few, meaningful seconds. You don’t want them getting bored and clicking away, because chances are they won’t come back.

Entertain your audience– Facebook users browse social media to keep up with friends and look for fun events. Build a following by entertaining your audience so they come back and bring their friends.

Your goal when crafting your Facebook advertisements should be entertain first, advertise second. Sort of. Work your advertisement in, but do it in a genuine and interesting fashion. Entertain and capture your viewers attention and your advertisement has a better chance of making a connection and therefore generating business.

Give these ideas a try the next time you start planning a Facebook video. They might help you find the groove you need for your internet advertising. And if you need to consult with us about Internet marketing to expand your business online, we’d love to speak to you! We can help you create a social media strategy or build you a custom website in no time.

And if you need some extra help with social media or anything else that has to do with Internet Marketing, contact us anytime.

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