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4 Tips for Reaching Out to Seniors with Your Online Marketing

If you’re running your company’s internet marketing efforts, you’ve probably become intimately familiar with your target audience. And, no doubt, that target audience is the millennial generation.

It seems everything is about the millennials today. Ask any marketing expert and they’ll tell you the millennials are the only demographic that matters anymore. No matter what business you’re in, you better be perpetually chasing the millennials or you’re going to miss out on the bounty that is their income.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get tunnel vision as you plan your internet marketing strategies.… Read More >>

Get Mega-Returns from Facebook with these 4 Simple Tips

With over a billion users, Facebook is still the hottest thing going for business when it comes to social media. Sure, there’s lots of other highly effective outlets, like Twitter and Instagram, but Facebook is still number one. At least right now, anyway.

Even with the recent changes, it’s still more than cost effective and worth every penny your brand puts into it. Don’t discount Facebook because it requires a little more thought and effort these days.

You can still leverage it to tremendously impact your brand’s bottom. Here are some ideas on how to really make your Facebook pay off.… Read More >>

Keep an Eye on the Competition to stay Ahead in Social Media

You no doubt spend a lot of time pouring over the analytics of your company’s social media. How else are you really going to know what’s working and what’s not? But have you ever considered how useful it might be to research your competitors’ social media strategies as well?

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Not only does it give you a look at the exact audience you are trying to target, but it gives you an idea about what kinds of posts that audience is engaging with. This by no means you should run out and start copying every move your competition makes.… Read More >>

5 Reasons Social Ads are Awesome for Your Business

When it comes to your marketing strategies, social media ads are becoming more effective than traditional advertisements found through online searches.

Your company’s social media advertisements also build a solid foundation for long term relationships that translate to long term sales.

This is because your social media ads make emotional connections with your followers that simple search ads just aren’t capable of. Social media is where more and more companies and brands are concentrating their efforts.

The ability to connect with potentially life long customers on social media is invaluable.

Here’s why your brand should get involved.…

How to Get Your Content Through Information Density

Information density. It basically means the internet is so filled with chatter about every single imaginable subject that it’s going to get more and more difficult for companies to get their message out. It’s tough now, and it’s only going to get tougher.

Imagine the amount of information available on the internet in ten years. How about twenty years? It’s why having good quality content and optimizing your web site for search engines is so vital. If you can’t get your content seen, it doesn’t matter how good it is.

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Information density has already caused some huge shifts this year for internet marketers.… Read More >>

Tips for Keeping Your Internet Marketing Relevant

Marketing is harder than ever today. That might sound counterintuitive, but think about all the amazing technological advances made in just the last twenty years. How we communicate and access information is faster than ever, and this lightning fast pace has changed how the average consumer interacts with marketing.

The average attention span hovers at around seven seconds. That’s about the same as your average goldfish. That means unless you’re really drawing them in with something meaningful and interesting, your viewers are clicking away in mere seconds.

So unless you want your internet marketing strategies to become irrelevant and ineffective in the blink of an eye, you better start taking your game to the next level.… Read More >>

6 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

Every day, more and more companies are discovering social media marketing as a way to expand their business and make connections with potential clients.

It’s clear now that passing on social media is a bad idea, and companies of all kinds are finding new ways to use it all the time.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are perfect for businesses where images, videos, and conversation are key. Companies are also getting into social media advertising as they discover they have to spend a little to get their posts seen by their followers.… Read More >>


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