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If you’re running your company’s internet marketing efforts, you’ve probably become intimately familiar with your target audience. And, no doubt, that target audience is the millennial generation.

It seems everything is about the millennials today. Ask any marketing expert and they’ll tell you the millennials are the only demographic that matters anymore. No matter what business you’re in, you better be perpetually chasing the millennials or you’re going to miss out on the bounty that is their income.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get tunnel vision as you plan your internet marketing strategies. It’s easy to forget that not everyone on the earth is twenty-five and just dying to spend their money after watching your company’s clever and heartfelt advertisement on Facebook or YouTube.

Older people do exist. And they aren’t relegated to the rotary phone and the AM radio for communication with the outside world. The senior demographic is a very viable target audience. Here’s some ideas for reaching out to them online.

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1.) Keep Things Simple-

Seniors tend to prefer advertising in a bare bones fashion. They want to hear your core message and not get bogged down in every little detail about your company’s product or service.

Point to the main function of your product, its reliability, value, and easy it is to use. Don’t cover fifteen different settings, speeds, or other features all at once. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mention features. Just don’t try to cover everything at once.

Provide links to information about fine details, but leave them out of the larger message. Seniors want to know they have options but are more interested in the big picture when it comes to advertising.

2.) Packaging Your Message Appropriately-

Most seniors don’t look at advertisements full of seniors and instinctively relate. If your marketing is full of overt images of the elderly, it can come off as condescending. On the other hand, most senior citizens can’t relate to marketing imagery full of hipster millennials with tattoos, ironic hats, long beards, craft beers, and skinny jeans.

Go for the middle ground. You don’t need images of infirm elderly people, or hyperactive shirtless teens. You can use seniors in your marketing without beating your potential customers over the head with the fact that they are seniors.

You can also make your message more appealing to seniors by considering things like font size. You may want to go a little larger than normal. Make it easy to read. Navigation needs to simple and straightforward.

Don’t turn off potential customers before you even get started by making your landing page hard to move through.

3.) Focus On Independence-

If you can show your senior customers how your product or service can contribute to their sense of independence and self reliance, you can strike a chord with them. Maintaining control over everyday things can become challenging for seniors.

Show how your product can help. But remember to do it with grace. Concentrate on getting your message across without treating your customers like you think they belong in a nursing home.

You want to show how your product will enhance your senior customers’ overall lifestyle.

4.) Customer Service-

smiling attractive woman with a headset.

It’s vital to demonstrate to your senior customers that your company will be there for them to provide assistance with anything they need after the sale.

Especially if your product is highly technical. Remember, seniors didn’t have a smartphone shoved in their hands when they graduated from kindergarten. It’s vital that your customer service is patient and absolutely never makes your customers feel stupid.

Going the extra mile can also generate good quality word of mouth reviews and recommendations.

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your efforts will have maximum benefits for your business. Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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