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There are a lot of ways to utilize social media to grow your business profile on the web. A custom website is a valuable tool, but shouldn’t be the extent of your web presence. If you’re not on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’re missing out on effective internet marketing for your business.

One of the best social media tools to use for interacting with your customer base is Instagram. With Instagram, you can make your customer’s experience better through quality images and videos of your product. You can also use Instagram to reach out to new customers. One of the most effective ways to use social media like Instagram is to use it to show your consumers the human side of your business.

You can use Instagram to show your customer base your products in fifteen second videos.

Follow these tips:

1) Make it fun to watch.

2) Make it inspiring.

3) Give your product a human touch by showing that it isn’t all about business, but also joy.

Consumers aren’t interested in a boring, joyless video that are more user manual than genuine affirmation.

Instagram can be used to emotionally connect with your audience. An occasional fun image or video, like someone wearing/using/drinking/eating your product while doing ordinary everyday things never hurts, either. Instagram allows you to go beyond simple selling to consumers to actually building a relationship with them.

You can also soften the business edge on Instagram by posting images and videos of employees and staff behind the scenes. Let your consumers see that there are relatable human beings behind your brand name. Post images and videos of them at work, hopefully smiling and happy to be involved in the crafting of a product they believe in.

These are just a few ways to use Instagram to more effectively market your business on the web. Give these a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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