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5 Tips On How to Use Instagram to Grow your Business or Brand

Using Instagram to Grow your Business or Brand…

By now you’ve probably heard of or even use the social media platform Instagram as a way to share cool, filtered photos with your friends and family.

But are you currently using Instagram for your business? If you answered no, we think you should consider it.

It’s one thing to simply use a social media platform such as Instagram for fun, but to integrate it into your Internet marketing for business strategy is a whole other animal.

So what do you do?

Here are some tips for using Instagram to grow your business or brand, one sweet little filtered photo at a time.

1) Show Products or Services

This might seem simple, but aren’t the simplest things sometimes the ones we overlook?

Begin using Instagram for business by taking photos of the products or services your brand offers. Use different angles and compositions to make them look interesting.

Photos are the best way to attract potential buyers and help start a conversation about the items shown. Even service oriented businesses can photograph different aspects of their business and use the platform to show off what they do.

2) Create some Buzz 

It’s not enough to just show pictures of your goods or services.

Engage with your audience by using the content to pique their interests. Before and after photos are one way to do this. You can also get more of your audience involved in the sharing process by giving them the opportunity to take their own photos with the items.

Another simple tip is to post pictures of happy customers enjoying your product or service. Nothing like a little 3 party credibility to enhance your marketing efforts. Happy customers = More customers.

3) Be the Face of Your Brand

This might include showing more personal pictures from time to time or even sharing photos of members of your staff or team. Giving a face to your brand makes it more accessible to your target audience.

Chris Grow wrote a great post on “Being the Face Of Your Brand”, check it out : “The blogging secret no one is telling you – A private discussion for Entrepreneurs and CEO’s”

4) Add Tags

Use the hashtag (#) infront of words describing what the photo is about. Adding tags will allow for people who are searching a particular keyword to find your photos. For Example, if you own a shoe store, take pictures of the shoes you have in the store and post them with the hashtag #Nike,#SweetShoes, #NewShoes etc.

5) Lure the Audience In 

You can easily post your Instagram photos to Facebook or Twitter, where you might have a greater reach at first. Until you build up your Instagram following, funnel your images into these other platforms to entice your audience.

The whole point of Internet marketing is to connect and communicate with your prospective customers to grow your business and brand. There are all sorts of ways you can do this using social media platforms such as Instagram and others. How are you using social media to grow your brand? If you need help, we’d love to hear from you!

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