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There’s a woman in Venice Beach who could teach businesses a thing or two about how to create engagement with Twitter. Alex Thompson is an entrepreneur whose Twitter account, @Venice311, is generating a lot of buzz. What started as her own attempt to draw attention to some of the wrongdoings going on in her neighborhood has now become a way for news media and citizens of the area to be alerted about crimes taking place.

Thompson has two police scanners and uses them to keep track of crimes being committed in and around her area. She then tweets about them to alert the community. In fact, the local police were going to pursue a similar method until they realized Alex had beaten them to the punch.

We’re not saying brands and businesses should tweet about crimes…but Alex has done a few things right and that’s why her Twitter account currently has 12k followers.

First, she tweets atwitter super heros events are happening. This is key when it comes to driving engagement on Twitter and around the web. Scheduling canned tweets is not a social media sin, as long as you also add a good amount of in-real-time custom Tweets to the mix as well.

Next, she listens to folks who tweet her. When someone alerted her that a child’s beloved toy rabbit had been lost in the canals, she took to the Twitterverse, spreading the word until it was eventually found.

Finally, Alex tweets in her voice. If folks wanted something that sounded like a syndicated news outlet, they’d follow that instead. Part of the draw is that @Venice311 sounds like a real person. This is a big area that businesses and brands can stand to improve in.

Lots of corporate Twitter accounts sound like just that…a corporate account.

Twitter (social media in general for that matter) is a way to give your brand or business a unique voice. You can even have fun with it, depending on how that looks for your particular industry.

Maybe you’re already doing some of these things. Good for you! Would you like to take your Twitter or other social media efforts even further by monetizing them in new ways?

We’d really love to talk to you about how our marketing consulting can help! In today’s world, more than 90% of transactions begin online. Can you really afford to miss out on the opportunities that could come from that? We didn’t think so.

So take a lesson from the crime fighting Twitter superheroine.

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