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As Internet marketing experts, we try to keep our ear to the ground so we can always be current on the latest and greatest things taking place, not just in Internet land but across all industries. There’s a new social media buzzword which is also a hashtag taking the fashion world by storm.

It’s called “normcore.” #normcore. According to Mashable, Normcore is a fashion trend that involves “young urbanites dressing like bland ’90s-era dads.” The main clothing that makes up the trend includes stone-washed jeans or athletic shorts, New Balance running shoes and fleece pullovers.

The idea behind #normcore is to dress in a way that allows you to remain anonymous. It’s sort of a generic non-style style. A popular New York fashion blog (The Cut) tweeted that “Normcore is fashion for those who want to look like everyone else.”

Mashable also mentions Jerry Seinfeld as an inconic #normcore dresser with his plain style as evidenced by the character he played on the eponymous sitcom.

While this might just be a silly fad that will certainly inspire lots of internet memes, it’s important for brands and businesses to read between the lines. And as Internet marketing experts, we’re always on the lookout for new trends and practices in the marketing world.

The thing we keep coming back to with #normcore is this desire to be anonymous that sparked the trend in the first place. Why is it that the younger generation is seemingly wanting to blend in? Perhaps they are fed up with the over-sharing and over-connectedness that social media has created. Maybe they just want to fly under the radar?

Some say the trend is a way for members of the Y generation to reject jumping on board with any one style.

Whatever is behind it, there are lessons to be learned. If you are trying to market your brand, you must know who your audience is. What is driving them? Social media isn’t just for sending out messages, it’s for listening!

If you aren’t listening to your consumers, you’re going to miss out on a world of opportunities to connect with them. And you’ll also miss out on hearing about things like #normcore, as well as the Internet’s most cutting edge apps, doge memes and DuckDuckGo.

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