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There are always new apps hitting the tech world, but there’s a new one that is getting some attention. Here’s a hint…it shares a name with peanut butter’s perfect partner. Jelly!

jellySo just what is the Jelly app? Jelly is an app that seeks to help users get their questions answered. By tapping into users’ social networks, Jelly helps them crowdsource a variety of opinions to find the answers they seek.

Mashable is calling it “sort of a cross between Quora and Snapchat.”

To use Jelly, you take a photo and ask a question. Then your social network connections weigh in.

The idea for the app was sparked because some questions just can’t be answered by Google. Jelly’s creator says that it will change how we find answers because it uses pictures and people from our own social networks.

Before you can connect with Jelly, you must attach it to at least one of your social networks (Facebook and Twitter are options for now).

Each question you pose must have a photo. This might be a photo you’ve just taken or one on your device’s camera. You can even use a pic from Google Images. After choosing an image, you type in your question.

Other users can then answer the question and those answers will show up under your picture/question.

So, it seems pretty cool, right? But just how can this new app be used for online marketing of a brand or business? Well that all depends on how it allows brands to interact with consumers. Brand pages on Facebook  can’t be mutually connected with users so that would seemingly limit the features within that platform.

Twitter is another story since users and brands can be directly connected through following.

Jelly could create potential for consumers and brands to interact, especially if brands can use it to get valuable feedback from their audiences. It could also be a great way for brands to spread their messages to a wide circle of users (including friends of friends, etc).

Instagram has certainly grown to be a valuable marketing tool for brands and businesses so maybe Jelly can do something similar. No matter the technology, brands and business must have a strategy in place that allows them to use the technology effectively to reach their goals.

Have you used Jelly? We’d love to hear from you about what you think!

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