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A brand new year has begun and folks around the world have made New Year’s resolutions to try to live better lives in 2014. Maybe you aren’t much for resolutions, but here are a few we think you might want to consider. These resolutions aren’t about diet or exercise, they are about using social media for your Internet marketing.

Follow these and we feel confident that your business or brand will grow and thrive on social media this year!

1) Quit Being Fake 

Social media is about authentic connections. If you’ve been putting content out there that doesn’t genuinely represent your company or brand, stop doing it right now.

Use social media to share real stuff and your consumers will connect with you (and stay connected) in real ways.

2) Don’t Brag 

If something awesome happened for your brand, it’s fine to share that, but don’t be that social media account that is always bragging about how great you are.

The key to social media bragging is to foster goodwill with your loyal consumers so they become brand advocates and do the bragging for you.

3) Find your Purpose

Really stop and think about what you are trying to achieve with social media. If you need some New Year strategy sessions, make time for that.

Don’t just pump your social media channels full of random information. Have a defined purposed and specific goals in mind. Then you can be working toward something in the New Year.

4) Edit yourself

Proofread your social media postings before you hit “share” for goodness sake. If your account is a personal one, your friends will thank you. If it’s a business account, it will make or break your credibility. Nobody wants to see typos and grammatical errors.

5) Kindness Counts 

Be more positive and kind on social media. It’s a powerful tool and when used properly, you can leverage it to take your brand to new heights.

In 2014, use social media to spread more positive energy in the world. You’ll attract more attention this way in the long run and other users will be endeared to you, thus creating deeper engagement.

This can’t be done without a strategy. You should measure the social media impact of your content and influencers to build a foundation for your long-term plan. Craft your social media strategy for 2014 with solid metrics in place and you will be able to see past the clutter of the social media landscape and get the maximum benefits for your effort and investment in the coming year.

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