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Instagram-logo-005Expanding Your Company’s Social Media With Instagram

Social media has become an asset for business worldwide and most companies are looking to expand their internet footprint by utilizing multiple social media platforms.

Facebook and Twitter are helping companies reach out and establish long term relationships with their customers by providing them with quick, useful, and entertaining content they can access easily on a wide array of devices.

Many companies are exploring what Instagram can do for them as well.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an online picture and video sharing platform designed to post content and link it to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and others.

It provides a way for people and businesses to expand their presence with customized pics. Another benefit is the ability to post images on multiple outlets and reach multiple followers across platforms.

For companies looking to expand their social media marketing strategies, Instagram provides an invaluable tool.

Who Uses Instagram?

Since its launch date of October 2010, Instagram has grown to 200 million users with over 75 million of them accessing Instagram every day. Ninety percent of its users are under thirty-five, making it ideal for companies associated with that particular demographic.

Any business trying to focus on the 18 to 34 year old consumer can’t afford not to be on Instagram. It’s a no brainer to see why so many companies are getting on board. Not only is Instagram a free and easy service, its massive number of users allow a company to radically expand its exposure.

Getting Started.

One popular misconception is you can use Instagram from a computer, but Instagram is a mobile app and must be used from a mobile device, (an iphone or an Android).

In order to upload images, edit them, and share them, you must download the mobile app. Then register with email or your Facebook account. Set up a username and password with your email account, or you can log in through Facebook if you choose to set up that way.

Once you’re set up, Instagram is very intuitive and easily navigated. Use the profile tab to set your account settings, build and edit your profile, and see your posts.

Your profile can be 150 characters and a link to your website. The explore tab lets you search for Instagrammers and find people to follow.

The news tab shows you activity on your posts such as likes and comments, and what your friends are liking and commenting on, and gives you options for notifications.

The camera tab lets you take and share pics and videos, and you can select privacy settings for your photos. Your feed is displayed with the home tab, which shows photos you and your friends have posted.

Image Size Guide for Instagram – UPDATED

Images on Instagram are 612 pixels x 612 pixels, with profile pics of 110 pixels x 110 pixels.

You can resize pics up to 2048 pixels x 2048 pixels for use on Instagram.

Remember, Instagram makes pics perfect squares, so be ready to do some cropping if your pics call for it.

Applying Filters to Photos on Instagram – How to Get Creative

Instagram has a series of filters available for you to choose from. They can give your photos a particular look and feel. Certain filters can improve your pics, like outdoor shots, close ups, portraits, indoor shots, and shots with extreme colors. Use the filters to give your pics a personal touch. The filters all feature their own individual border, but you can opt not to use them with the frame option.

Instagram Videos – Keep it Short and Sweet

Instagram has a video option capable of shooting up to fifteen second videos. You can also join clips together for creative videos. The video recorder also features its own unique filter options compared to the pic filters.

Social Sharing Using Instagram – Promoting Your Brand

One of the best features of Instagram is the ability to share your pics across several social media platforms.

You can use hashtags, reference people, places, businesses (@), and add a personal message or caption.

Then simply select which platforms you want to share across (as long as you’re linked to them), and your pic posts there.

Instagram might be on its way to becoming the most prominent social media platform for businesses. They’ve recently just started photo advertising, citing one particular ad to have reached almost ten million users in eight days.

Whatever role Instagram plays in the future of marketing, you can bet it’s here to stay.

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