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fb logoNot long ago, Facebook was a kitschy way for tech savvy twenty-somethings to talk about themselves, their friends, their music, and just about anything that might strike their whimsy.

A little bit later, the business world took notice, and some real innovators started setting up Facebook pages for their brands.

Now it’s 2014, and the idea of a business not having a Facebook page is business anathema. Think of a business not on Facebook. They’re still out there, but they’re an endangered species.

When it comes to Facebook, everyone is doing it. But not everyone is a social media master. Want to establish a Facebook presence for your brand or business? Don’t worry! Setting up a Facebook page for your brand or business is a fairly easy process.

First, Choose Your Classification- Choose from local business or place, artist, band or public figure, company, organization or institution, entertainment, brand or product, or cause or community.

That’s a pretty wide selection to choose from, but your business is sure to fit in one of them. Having chosen a classification, your company’s Facebook page will get exposure in searches.

Next, Choose a Profile Photo- Select the primary photo for your page. This will be your icon for news feeds and whenever you communicate on Facebook. Make it your company logo for quick recognition. Your profile pic is 180 pixels x 180 pixels.

Remember, this photo is the face in your Facebook. Make sure you choose accordingly. Keep it clean and professional, and perhaps even more importantly, make it memorable.

Write Your “About” Section- This is quick description of what your company is all about. It’s a blurb, just a few sentences, so make sure it covers the big picture. This is a good place to link back to your company’s main website. It gives your visitors a quick way of getting there, which is your ultimate goal.

It’s important that you completely fill out this section with all relevant information about your business. This is how other Facebook users would search for you so the information you provide will help you be found in searches.

Not only should your information be completely filled out, but it should also be current. Changed phone numbers or moved to a new location? Make sure that you provide the most up-to-date info in this section. Also, if your business is a brick and mortar, make sure you have your hours of operation filled in as well.

Edit Page- This tab has a few options, the first being “update info”, where you can change any of your company’s critical information. It’s a handy feature if you change your contact info.

You can build on your about entry with a more detailed description of your company only visible when “about” is selected by a user. Don’t be afraid to get into some good detail here.

It’s what it’s for and what your visitors want. You can make administrators, allowing people you designate to reply to comments and communication as a representative of your company. You also set your notifications under the “edit page” tab.

Build Audience- This involves inviting folks to your page. Don’t start thinking about your audience and inviting anyone to your page until you have something to offer.

That means good and interesting content. Build your Facebook page until it’s worth visiting and sharing.

No one wants to visit a company’s page that is virtually empty. You can also use Facebook’s advertising tools here. That’s up to you.

You may think you need a boost, but at least give your page a chance to take off based on your content. Your Facebook page may get popular on its own and generate the traffic you need. If you feel overwhelmed at this point, we’re here to help! Let the experts at Loud Media help you make your Facebook page really pop!

Cover Photo- Your cover photo is what appears at the top of your Facebook business page, in the large rectangular space. Don’t ever neglect to have a cover photo because it looks like you just don’t care. The size of the image should be 851 pixels x 315 pixels.

The cover photo space is ideal for great imagery from your company and from your field in general.

Don’t be afraid to change it often to share all kinds of timely and interesting information about your world.

Now that we’ve covered how to build a basic Facebook page for your business, here’s a few tips on how to maximize its effectiveness.

Get Your Followers Involved- Engage your followers by asking them for their input on your product or brand. Ask what they like, don’t like, and about areas they think could use improvement or attention.

Ask for suggestions and get a conversation started. Ask your followers to post their pics of your product or services in action. A few free testimonials combined with good pics can go a long way in building your brand’s reputation.

Images- The best Facebook posts have great pics. Take lots of engaging pics and post them regularly. Posts with pics get more attention and interaction.

Be Consistent- Get your content out in a regular fashion. Don’t ever neglect your page. Nothing will drive down interest like a Facebook page that hasn’t been used in six months.

As you get involved with Facebook for your business, you’ll quickly learn what works best for your company or brand. And if you need some extra help, we’re here!

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