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Whether you run a local business or a large corporation, having a strong online presence should be a priority.

sem-internet-marketingAs Internet marketers, we know firsthand how important social media strategies and searching engine marketing can be for a brand or business.

Some experts have jumped on the social media bandwagon while others are staunch supporters of search engine marketing.

Personally, we like to have the best of both worlds.

Why you ask?

Because when it comes to your business, there are different scenarios when search engine marketing vs social media marketing strategies should be employed.

Take a look at these examples…

Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, more marketing professionals said they feel SEO marketing is more effective than social media (in a recent study of 500 marketers).

This probably has something to do with choosing the right keywords for a website, which helps it to rank higher in search.

Only 34% of B2C marketers and 24% of B2B marketers expressed the belief that social media is better for generating leads.

Consumer Research

A Pew research study found search engine marketing to trump social media as the way consumers decide which businesses and brands to patronize. This is based on how the consumers found the websites based on their titles and keywords.

Search beat out social more than double in the area of consumers finding local restaurants and businesses.

Brand Exposure & Awareness

This is where social media took top billing. The same study found that social media helps brands create exposure and awareness.

Social media is also capable of creating increased website traffic and subscribers.


Interactivity is another area where social media beats search engine marketing. When asked about the best way to engage and interact with consumers, 65% of more than 600 marketers gave social media as their response.

Social media marketing also contributes to building brand loyalty.

It’s important to remember that both social media marketing and search engine marketing can yield amazing results. It all depends on your unique needs and creating strategies to make these methods work for your brand or business.

To achieving marketing success, we must look at the entire picture so we can build a strategy that will work for you.

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