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Understanding Websites 101: What Are Page “Keywords”

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“Keywords”, used interchangeably with the term “meta tags”.

Keywords play a role in your web positioning within websites and on search

engines. You can use individual words or phrases.

Note: When adding keywords as <meta> tags an  HTML editor, check that these tags are contained within the <head> tags. If the <meta> tags are inside the <body> tags, the information may not be processed properly.

Create tags the closely relate to the content of the page and appeal to the customer who would be searching for the content on your page.

Here Are Some Examples of Tagging…

1) Real Estate (in Los Angeles): real estate Los Angeles, listings, Realtor, home buying, moving Los Angeles, real estate agent, relocating Los Angeles, house, Los Angeles properties, residential, land, home selling, home buying, homes for sale, home for sale, real estate for sale, vacation homes, vacation home rental, beachfront home, new home, condo for sale, apartment rental, residential real estate, real estate agent in, house rental, MLS listings, commercial real estate, commercial rentals, building for sale.

2) Website Design: Website, business website, custom website, web design, website blueprint, website pages, website page design, webpage design, how to make a website, how to build, how to make, how to build a website, website tips, custom web design, custom web design, website coding, custom web design

When adding Tags to your pages remember…

– Think like a customer: Avoid slang/ jargon or overly complex terms. Use tags and keywords like questions the way that someone would enter them into a google search.

– Be specific: Just like your Title, try to compete on more specific terms that will bring you visitors you can convert into customers. Be careful not to use model numbers, overly specific or unknown terms.

–  More is not better: Search engines have been known to penalize sites that use keywords improperly (ie. duplicate entries, duplicate words, too many words, and too many entries).

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