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Internet Marketing and Understanding Websites 101: Webpage Titles and Descriptions

Web Page Title

The text that you enter for your Page Title appears in the title bar of the browser when your visitor views your site. Understanding Website Titles and Descriptions

Because the website title is used by search engines to “file” your site in their index, it is the most important part of your site.

Many search engines, such as Google and Bing, also use the Page Title tag within your web pages to determine your search ranking. A poorly chosen title will put you in an inappropriate search engine “file,” making it difficult for potential clients to find you.

A good title will include your geographical location and your business specialty.

Example: San Diego Residential Real Estate.

Web Page Description’s

Use the Page Description box to describe the content of your website. This is the text that shows up in a search engine’s search results. This is the first opportunity that you have to grab your visitor before they even visit your website.

Take a moment to figure out how to describe what you do or who you are in one or two sentences…. and be impactful because this is what will sell the visitor on clicking over to your site.

The page description helps the search engine determine whether your site is relevant to a search query.

Your site description should be no more than three sentences; generally, only the first 250 characters of this tag are read by the search engines.


San Diego Real Estate company including San Diego County areas, showing 1000s of listings, virtual tours, tips on buying and selling properties, mortgage calculators, community resources.


• Use words from your Page Title: When you reuse some of the words in your Title, you are promoting your name in search engines. For example, if your Title is “Los Angeles Real Estate – ABC Real Estate”, you might use the wording “Los Angeles Real Estate” in your Description as well.

• Be compelling: Rather than write a blurb on what you do, you can compel someone to visit your Web site with a promise, offering or challenge no one else can.

• Be short: Resist the urge to tell them everything before they even click to your site.

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