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How to Make Your Mobile Marketing Awesome

Image courtesy of iprostocks/

Image courtesy of iprostocks/

Did you know that 91 percent of adults in the United States own a cell phone, and 56 percent of those phones are smartphones?

Nearly 80 percent of adults ages 18-44 have their smartphones with them 22 hours a day! Just what are people doing with their smartphones all this time?

According to a recent study, there are more than 1.2 billion people who currently access the web from a mobile device.

This is why it’s important that businesses and brands spend some time making sure they not only have a mobile marketing strategy in place, but that it is awesome.

We get lots of questions from our clients about mobile marketing and how they can do it better. We wanted to share some information in this blog post and hopefully you can feel more confident about your knowledge of the subject of mobile marketing.

Mobile Responsive (a.k.a. Mobile Friendly)

Mobile friendly or mobile responsive refers to how different web platforms and devices display different content. If you don’t have mobile responsive capabilities yet, you can create content that is mobile friendly by selecting a single-column template and writing concise subject lines and content that is short and to-the-point.

Effective Mobile Messages

The best way to encourage your audience to read your content and engage with your brand is by creating messages that are short and easy to read. Mobile users don’t want to scroll through a long page of content. Use videos or photos to tell stories when you can and make sure you aren’t using font that is too small to read on mobile devices.

Mobile AND Desktop 

Just as you don’t want your mobile viewers to be left out, you also don’t want desktop viewers to be left out. This is why it’s important to create content that is mobile-friendly and optimized for mobile viewing.

The best way to find out if your email marketing will work for mobile and desktop is to test. Open your emails on different devices to get an idea of how it will be displayed. You can also use different Internet browsers to see content styles.

Changing Viewing Habits with Mobile

Not only are the content channels changing, but consumers’ habits for how they digest this content is changing as well. We are bombarded with a lot of information each day from our email inbox to our social media channels. Information overload causes consumers to read their messages while on the go from their mobile devices. You’ve probably scanned your Facebook newsfeed from a mobile device today, right? 

Your content is competing with all the other messages people receive but it also competes with the shrinking window of time in which the messages are being read. This is why it is crucial that you create quality, informative, entertaining content that your audience will want to read.

Here at Loud Media Solutions, we help our clients be loud! We know what it takes to get your content seen and heard by the right people.

Can you Test It? 

A popular question we get asked is how to tell if an audience is reading emails on their mobile devices. It’s important to find out how your audience is consuming your content so you can make it easily accessible to them. 44% of all email is opened on a mobile device.

A great way to find out how your consumers are reading your content is to ask them. Test the waters. Don’t assume that you know anything unless it is based on data or research. It’s your job to create the quality content, but it’s also your job to make sure your audience can consume it.

If you have a business or brand, you can’t afford to be neglecting the opportunities available by mobile marketing. Think about how you can take your communications into account while viewing mobile as a core way that you are delivering information and value to your audience.

When you give your audience something of value, you’ll see them engage and share your content in new ways!

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