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Facebook is a powerful social media platform with a wide reach. It comes in very handy for businesses and brands trying to target a wider audience in a more direct way.

Facebook recently announced (via its blog) some changes to policies regarding how brands can run promotions on their pages and we wanted to share this information with you.

It’s important to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest Facebook info because it can greatly affect the success of your Internet marketing efforts.

Previously, brands and businesses were required by Facebook to use third-party applications to administer contests and promotions of any kind through their official brand or company pages.

Facebook has now changed that, saying the new set-up will be easier…easier sounds good, right? We thought you’d say that! Here’s a rundown of what you need to know:

  • Business or brand pages are no longer required to use third-party apps for contents and promotions
  • Businesses can now collect contest entries by having users post on their pages or comment/like a post on the page
  • Businesses can now obtain contest entries when users send a direct message to their page
  • Facebook page “Likes” can now be used as a voting mechanism
  • Businesses still cannot run contests or promotions through personal Timelines, only through official brand pages
  • Promotions still require accurate tagging

Speaking of tagging, here are a few things that are big NO-NO’s where Facebook promotions are concerned:

  • Pages cannot tag or encourage other users to tag themselves in content they are not actually depicted in.
  • You can’t ask people to submit names of a new product in exchange for entry to a contest
  • You can’t ask people to tag themselves in pictures of a new product for entry to a contest

Facebook says that it has released this information with the hope that it will make promotions easier for businesses. You can always find the latest information about Facebook guidelines and rules in this document about Promotion Guidelines. Not sure why a contest would be all that important for a brand in the first place? Check out this blog post we wrote about why contests should be part of your Internet marketing strategy.

These are just a few ways you can ensure that Facebook will have maximum benefits for your business. Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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