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Entrepreneur Biz Tips: Tax Write-Offs

Do you have a small business? Would you like for it to grow?

Maybe you’d like to use social media to grow your business or brand. Are you working alone and needing some extra help in the form of a virtual assistant? These are things you may want to consider as your business moves to the next level.

Finances are another important aspect of being in business.

Whether you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur flying solo, you still have to file taxes. There is just no getting around it.… Read More >>

Internet Marketing Trends: Anticipatory Shipping

When it comes to e-commerce, Amazon is a heavy hitter. The latest way that Amazon plans to rule the e-commerce sphere is with a patented new method of knowing what customers want before they even buy it.

Called “anticipatory shipping” this method uses algorithms and big data to anticipate what products consumers might purchase.

It’s a way of starting the delivery process before a customer confirms his order. This way, it will reduce delivery time and make it less necessary for users to shop anywhere but online.

By predicting demand, Amazon is trying to offer its customers the highest level of service…meeting their needs before they even realize they exist.… Read More >>

New Year, New Marketing Goals

When the New Year rolls around, it’s a time to think about where you’ve been and look ahead to where you are going. As a brand or business, the New Year is a great opportunity to get your gameplan created so you can hit the ground running with your marketing efforts in the coming months.

Take some time to sit down and think about some goals you had for last year. Did you accomplish them? If not, what obstacles stood in your way?

What are some new goals you would like to set for this year?… Read More >>

How to Use Twitter’s New DM Feature for Marketing

Using Twitter New DM Feature for Online Marketing

Twitter recently announced that it is releasing a new DM feature for users.

DM stands for Direct Messages, and up until recently, the only way users on Twitter could send DMs was if they were followed by the user in question.

Twitter has been slowly allowing users the option of this feature for some time and plans to allow users to opt in to receive DMs from anyone, regardless of if they are following or not.

While it still remains to be seen what Twitter will ultimately do with regard to this function, the initial thought for online marketing professionals and brands is that it will be a good thing.… Read More >>

How to Use Google Analytics For Customer Retention

Content is king, but in order to really get the maximum impact for your content online, it’s important to have a content strategy in place.

The first step is understanding your audience because this is how you will know what content to create and how to share it.

When you understand the needs of your customers, you can meet those needs and thus fulfill your business goals and objectives.

Whether you are starting from scratch or revisiting your content marketing plan to give it some upgrades, there are many ways you can use Google Analytics to ensure your content is going to spread.… Read More >>

Why Does Facebook Matter to Online Marketing?

fb logoWhen Facebook first hit the social media scene, it took a while to catch on. Then, everyone and their grandmother had a Facebook account. Now, the social media giant’s popularity has seemingly waned among younger demographics.

This has caused online marketers to wonder: does Facebook still matter?

According to a recently released study, 30% of Americans get their news on Facebook. The data also shows that the social network drives users to other media sites.

The study, published by the Pew Research Center found that almost half of American users click on news in their Facebook feeds.… Read More >>

Online Marketing Success Tip: Target the Right Audience

The world lives online these days and marketers must pay attention to this. Online marketing is not a magic bullet. It require careful planning, strategies that have been chosen with end goals in mind. Recently, a company took some flack because it inadvertently advertised its product (electronic cigarettes) on the platform of a children’s video game. Clearly, children are not the intended market segment for the product and the company apologized, pulling the ads.

There’s something that other brands can learn from this snafu however. Are you putting a great deal of resources into your advertising, only to have it yield mediocre results?… Read More >>


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