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Using Twitter New DM Feature for Online Marketing

Twitter recently announced that it is releasing a new DM feature for users.

DM stands for Direct Messages, and up until recently, the only way users on Twitter could send DMs was if they were followed by the user in question.

Twitter has been slowly allowing users the option of this feature for some time and plans to allow users to opt in to receive DMs from anyone, regardless of if they are following or not.

While it still remains to be seen what Twitter will ultimately do with regard to this function, the initial thought for online marketing professionals and brands is that it will be a good thing. Any opportunity to connect with customers and potential customers online is a good one, but brands will have to be careful not to abuse the privilege.

One way that the new Twitter DM feature could help brands is that it allows them to send an exclusive coupon or promotional code to a targeted group of customers.

DMs are also a good way for brands to communicate with and address customer complaints away from the public realm of the Twitter newsfeed.

The bottom line is that when using Twitter, have common sense. Don’t bombard consumers with messages they don’t wish to receive. Communicate with them, not at them.

And keep the content relevant to your brand, unless consumers drive it the discussion to an un-related topic. Twitter is a great communication channel for brands and businesses. When you leverage its power for your brand, you’ll see your online sphere of influence grow!

To do this, you need a strategy. This might include measuring the social media impact of your content and influencers to build a foundation for your long-term plan. Build a social media strategy with solid metrics in place and you will be able to see past the clutter of the social media landscape and get the maximum benefits for your effort and investment.

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