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8 Crazy Simple Internet Marketing Tips To Make Your Social Media Loud

Social media marketing is on its way to becoming one of the main ways businesses market their products and services. It’s hard to imagine why a business wouldn’t utilize all the marketing potential of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to make its brand stand out.

Online Marketing Key Can Be Blogs Websites Social Media And Emai

Combine these with the power of a good blog and a business can drive a lot of traffic its way. Social media has become a big part of our world and it’s not going anywhere. As companies rely more and more on the power of social media for their marketing, it’s important to keep things in perspective and adhere to a few key ideas.… Read More >>

7 Simple Ways to Make Your Brand Shine

Building your company’s brand is a vital part of your business strategy. You want your brand to be the first thing your customers think of when they look for a product or service in your particular niche. But reaching that status isn’t easy. The competition is fierce to say the least.

Product Naming - Brand Name Concept

No matter your industry, you can be sure there are countless companies doing exactly what you do, so it’s more important than ever for your company to stand out. Take a look at some of the core branding concepts employed by some of today’s most successful brands and see if your company could benefit from using them.… Read More >>

Simple Tips for Creating Content that Wows

ID-100174180Content is your greatest social currency in today’s Internet marketing landscape.

Creating quality content is an important first step in spreading the word about your brand or business mission.

Do you ever feel like creating dynamic content is a struggle? Are you bored with the content you’ve been creating so far?

Here are a few simple tips for creating content that wows your audience.

This will help to ensure people not only read and engage with your brand, but share your content with their social networks as well.

1. Consider the goal – As you are writing, think about the goal you have in mind.… Read More >>

3 Simple Exercises for Planning Your Branding Strategy

ID-100199533Has your company spent any time in the past developing your unified brand strategy plan? Brand is a popular buzzword in the marketing industry, but many people don’t really know what it means.

Your brand is the experience customers have when doing business with you. Customer experience is vital to your long-term success.

In addition to creating a brand strategy plan, it is often necessary to revisit it regularly to see what direction things are moving in. This will help your brand remain relevant, consistent and forward-thinking.

To evaluate or reevaluate your brand, consider asking the following questions.… Read More >>

How To Create Brand Messages That GET NOTICED

ID-10079769How To Create Brand Messages That GET NOTICED

When it comes to establishing branding for your company or business, the “message” should be carefully taken into consideration and well thought out.

Marketing messages must not only capture an audience’s attention (immediately), but they should also compel them towards and action.

What action you desire them to take depends on what you are trying to accomplish, whether they are a visitor to your brand’s web site, actually shopping in your retail location or sharing your product or service with a friend.

As online marketers that work with business owners and brands, we have encountered lots of marketing messages over the years.… Read More >>

How To Create A Community For Your Brand Or Business With Video and YouTube

Community: “A body of persons or nations having a common history or common social, economic, and political interests”

In other words a group of people who are interested in what you are doing.

Your main goal as a content producer and running your business YouTube channel is creating a community of people who are interested in your niche.

In this video interview with Chris Grow, Founder of The Shred Show we cover how to create a community or “tribe” around your brand.

Click the video below to play (6 minutes 44 Seconds) and sit back and relax:


If you found this useful (or hated it) let us know by leaving a comment.… Read More >>

How to Get Your Product into the Right Hands


Here at Loud Media, we work with a lot of different people. Our clients are businesses and brands, small organizations and large corporations.

The thing that they all have in common is they have a great product or service.

We feel certain that a big part of success in business is having that great idea, that great product or service.

But this isn’t enough to make your business totally successful.

Another HUGE part of a brand or business’ success is getting the product or service into the hands of the right people.… Read More >>


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