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One popular phrase in the world of internet marketing right now is micro content. You’ve probably heard it a lot. But what is it?

Micro content is content that is short, easily posted on social media outlets, and doesn’t require much of your time or resources.

But it’s valuable regardless of its size. You have probably also heard  “short and easily digestible” to describe good social media posts, especially for Twitter. Perhaps nothing describes micro content better than that.

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And micro content is the kind of content you’re probably already posting on social media. It’s not a lengthy blog post or Facebook post with multiple paragraphs (or even a single paragraph), and lots of pics.

Long form has its place, but micro content is best used on social media.

Perhaps the best reason for embracing micro content is the emerging dominance of mobile devices. The smart phone is on its way to being the number one way consumers interact with advertisers online.

Long form content will never be conducive to this major shift as the attention span of the consumer gets more narrow.

Your followers want tiny little bits of info they can soak up without having to commit much time to reading long posts. In fact, you can bet the majority of your traffic will soon come from mobile devices.

It’s where your consumers are that matters, and they’re not spending much time behind desktops anymore. Companies will have to adapt or get left behind.

Here are a few ideas for generating quality micro content.

1. Your Content Must Be Valuable-

This simply can’t be stressed enough. There is perhaps no better way to maintain meaningful, long lasting relationships with your followers than by being of use to them.

No matter how entertaining or enjoyable your content is, it will never be a priority for long unless it provides value. You’ve got to be educating and informing your followers. Provide them something that will improve their lives.

2. Pinterest Is Perfect For Micro Content-

Pinterest is becoming one the preferred places for consumers to research products before making the decision to buy.

The visually centered platform makes it easy for the consumer to click through pics of products and see what they have to offer them.

Not only can your company use Pinterest to share tons of micro content regularly, it is also the ideal social media outlet for building your company’s brand visually and attaching images of a certain lifestyle to it.

You can show how your products will benefit or enrich your followers’ lives at work, at play, out in the world, or around the house.

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3. Get Small-

You know how a Tweet is only allowed 140 characters? It turns out, that’s the perfect size for micro content. Post short, small, snackable content that your followers can consume between their day’s activities.

Your followers are not sitting down in front of their desktops for thirty minutes of designated web surfing time.

What they are doing is using their smart phones to stay occupied as they stand in lines, wait for cabs, take breaks at work, and lying in bed before going to sleep.

That gives them a very small window to look up a pic or some info on that new pair of sunglasses they need.

Make sure your content is compact enough to get in the ring with your competitors and have a chance at your viewers’ business.

4. Get Sharable-

Give your content every opportunity to take flight once you set it free. If you really believe in your content’s sharability, show it by giving your followers a convenient way to quickly share it with their friends.

Place social media share buttons so they can fire your content out to every platform they are on. If your content is high quality and useful, you’ll see it get shares.

These are just a few ideas for generating great micro content. See if they fit into your social media marketing strategy.

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your efforts in the New Year will have maximum benefits for your business.

Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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