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When it comes to internet marketing, everything we know can change in a flash. There’s always something new on the horizon, always a new trend to consider as it sweeps the industry.

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Companies have to be sure they stay on top of shifts in internet marketing, whether it has to do with social media like Facebook and Twitter, their company’s website, professional blog, or direct marketing campaigns like newsletters and email lists.

While overhauling your internet marketing strategies every time there’s a blip on the radar isn’t necessary, it never hurts to adjust a little in order to stay on trend. Internet marketing is a fast game.

Here are a few trends to be aware of.


Video is becoming the preferred way for many businesses to get their message across. Consider the last time you went to your personal Facebook page. How many posts contained video? Chances are, it was a lot.

Business has taken notice. Video has become a popular way for companies to interact with their customers and followers with quick messages from a talking head explaining their products.

And there is no better way to advertise your product or service than showing enthusiastic customers using it. Text and images will never be able to reach out to customers the same way videos do.


It’s become odd to meet someone who doesn’t own a smartphone. Users are on them all day long for one purpose or another.

Internet marketing strategies are shifting toward this trend perhaps more than any other, and companies can expect to see a big push towards this in 2015.

Mobile devices are starting to push out desktops when it comes to usage.

In order to maximize their internet marketing strategies, companies will have to focus on mobile technology to reach their customers and followers and build new relationships.

For companies to reach people, they have to go where they are at. More and more that means smartphones and mobile devices like tablets.

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Only your mom and dad go to the mall anymore. Millennials order their stuff off the internet. And there are no limits.

A lot of young people today even order their groceries online, so going to the brick and mortar dinosaur for a pair of trendy shades is out of the question.

They spend their time researching products and services online before deciding what to buy. Once they make a decision (based on internet marketing, of course), they make their purchase.

So it’s absolutely vital to reach out to them with internet marketing or your company is going to miss out on a very large demographic.

Once again, this points to the importance of being mobile capable, because that’s where the millennials are spending their time. If you want to succeed, you go where your customers are.


In 2015, leveraging your social media for maximum returns is going to only get harder. Facebook is making paid ads the only effective way to reach followers. Other social media platforms are coming out.

If your business isn’t willing to expand beyond old standbys, it could be missing out on lots of opportunities for growth. To stay ahead, companies are going to have to spread out across various outlets in order to reach the most users.

Just having a great Facebook page isn’t going to cut it in 2015. Your company must not only be on multiple social media platforms, but it should also put as much effort into the website and the blog.

No one can be a one trick pony anymore and expect to thrive.


Your company’s email list needs to be a priority. Social media is getting expensive and more complicated, so an organic direct marketing strategy is vital.

Building your email list should be approached carefully and thoughtfully. Remember and adhere to best practices. Don’t alienate potential customers by getting spamy. Done properly, building an email list is invaluable.

These are some developing internet marketing trends you can expect to see a lot of in the near future. Be sure you’re ready for them.

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your efforts in the New Year will have maximum benefits for your business. Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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