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After careful research, design, and finding the right people for the job, your company is implementing your social media and internet marketing strategies.

You’ve put the time and resources into a great website, a rich and interesting Facebook page, quality tweets, and great images on Instagram. Now it’s time to decide if breaking into video marketing is the right move for your company in addition to all your other marketing strategies.

Is video marketing worth it? Well, a lot of companies seem to think so.

Why is Video so Important?

And with good reason. Video is the future of marketing. More and more companies are devoting massive chunks of the marketing budget to video marketing. One hundred million people go online and watch videos every single day around the world.

A great percentage of these are people looking for products and services. Many of them are looking for information directly from manufacturers or reviews from reliable sources and past consumers.

Most retailers are finding that their customers are relying heavily on video when deciding on their products. And their marketing strategies are shifting accordingly. Sales of products advertised in online videos are reportedly selling at better rates than those that are not.

A Few Things You Might Not Know About Video Marketing

Here are a few video marketing facts.

  • the average internet user views 32 videos per month
  • two thirds of viewers will visit a company’s website after seeing a video of their product
  • average internet users spend almost seventeen minutes per month watching video ads
  • real estate listings get 400% more inquiries when accompanied with a video
  • eighty percent of online viewers finish video ads in their entirety
  • twenty percent of readers finish print ads in their entirety

So yes, video marketing is absolutely worth it. But what platform should you use? The two big players are YouTube and Vimeo. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to consider them all before making a decision.

YouTube vs. Vimeo – Who’s Using What?

Who has the most users?

YouTube is the big dog. With a billion monthly visits, it definitely has Vimeo’s 100 million beat. That number cannot be ignored. If you’re looking for for sheer numbers, YouTube is the way to go.

But you have to remember the limitations and design your company’s videos accordingly. But the bottom line is that YouTube is the number two search engine in the world, second only to Google.

YouTube vs. Vimeo – Quantity or Quality?

Which platform has better presentation quality?

Youtube is used mainly by people seeking entertainment and doesn’t feature the options Vimeo has. YouTube has no customization and the pre-roll advertisements can be screened but sometimes settings are unreliable.

Vimeo gives users the option to block ads they don’t want anywhere near their videos. YouTube requires a Google account to interact through comments, while Vimeo does not.

Vimeo is much better at encouraging viewer interaction, discussion, and comments. While YouTube is absolutely devoid of any customization options, the player on Vimeo can be color coordinated to a specific brand.

The Vimeo player is larger than YouTube’s, and the videos are generally of higher quality. YouTube videos are great for demonstrations of products in use. But that’s about as far as a YouTube video can go.

Vimeo’s higher production quality and options can allow for much richer content in an online video marketing campaign, but at the cost of the one billion users on YouTube every month. Vimeo generally attracts a different kind of user, one less interested in mass marketing and more focused on quality and richness of experience.

YouTube vs. Vimeo – Which is Cheaper?

Which platform is more cost effective?

That’s a simple enough answer. YouTube is free of charge. But you get what you pay for. Vimeo has free accounts, but if you truly want to utilize their higher quality video options (which is the entire point of choosing Vimeo), be prepared to pay for that service.

So overall, YouTube and Vimeo both can be effective video marketing tools for your company, but in different ways. Vimeo attracts a different kind of user compared to YouTube.

While YouTube is the much larger market, Vimeo attracts a user more interested in a quality viewing experience. If you’re producing videos for Vimeo, they need to be high quality and thoughtful. YouTube videos are best as demonstration videos with less artistic tendencies.

YouTube vs. Vimeo – Which is Better?

Both YouTube and Vimeo provide some great video marketing options for your brand or business. There are differences and similarities, but when it comes to which is better, you really have to decide for yourself. Do some research to determine which platform will best meet your unique needs.

At the end of the day, it’s about what works for you. You get to decide how to approach your Internet marketing. But be careful…the choices you make can have great implications for your brand. Choose wisely!

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