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Recently, Facebook rolled out the hashtag feature, allowing users to place a # symbol in front of any string of words and turn it into a searchable term.

Twitter users have been employing hashtags for years now, but Facebook has finally caught up with the trend.

Now all the folks who were randomly using hashtags on Facebook all along can feel like they were ahead of the curve.

Facebook hashtags have the potential to extend a business’ circle of influence, allowing it to reach more customers and engage on a greater level.

Just like any other social media feature, hashtags have a specific purpose and function when used for promoting a brand or business.

In order to use hashtags well, you first need to understand what they do and how they can help you.

Here are a few easy tips to remember that will help you use Facebook hashtags to promote your business or brand.

1. Less is More –

Hashtags are extremely beneficial when used well. That being said, they add nothing but noise when scattered at random throughout a post.

With no limits to Facebook posts, there is potential for trouble. Inserting half a dozen hashtags in a Facebook post is the social media equivalent of spam.

Not only does it ruin the readability of a sentence, it also looks pointless.

Facebook Hashtags

2. Be Specific –

Generic hashtags on Facebook will never be as effective as specific ones. This is the same way on Twitter. The whole point of social media is to create a conversation.

Blanketing posts with generic hashtags will only muddy the waters of the conversation taking place.

Be specific, focused and unique. This increases your chances of having your messages seen.

3. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) –

Simple is always better. Don’t try to be clever with hashtags. Use words, terms or phrases that are easy to remember, pronounce and spell.

If you want to use a unique hashtag, try to choose one that is still recognizable and provides information on the topic. Bad hashtags are like those vanity license plates…if nobody else understands the message you are trying to spread, they won’t engage.

4. Cross Promote – 

Promote your hashtags on Facebook and Twitter as well as your website and other forms of media.

This will increase public awareness of your message and maximize your social media reach.

5. Do Your Homework – facebook communication

Before embracing a new hashtag, do some homework. Make sure the hashtag isn’t already being used by a brand or business that is misaligned with yours.

A great example of this was Entenmann’s Cookies. The brand used the hashtag #notguilty on Twitter, but the same tag was being used in Tweets about a grisly murder case. Make sure the hashtags you use don’t evoke anything negative for your brand.

Chances are, Facebook’s hashtag feature will change and evolve (as everything always does with Facebook). It’s important to stay ahead of the curve.

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