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real timeInternet marketing is not something you do once and then forget about.

In order for your Internet marketing to be effective, it should be an integrated part of your business strategy and something you spend time and energy on each day.

Lately, a new Internet marketing buzzword has entered into our lexicon: “real-time marketing.”

Real-time marketing refers to marketing that coincides with events and happenings in real time.

A great example of real-time marketing that helped pave the way for this new marketing activity is the photo tweeted by the Oreo brand during the black-out of Super Bowl XLX.

With a picture of a cookie, it said “You Can Still Dunk In The Dark”.

Ever since that happened, brands and businesses have been trying to replicate the Oreo real-time marketing frenzy.

It’s no secret that there was an entire team of brand marketers, designers, and public relations pros on hand during the Super Bowl to let Oreo capitalize on the power outage snafu.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the current marketing climate to experience the benefits of real-time marketing for your business or brand.

Real-time marketing begins in the trenches. Part of it is about getting lucky…the Custom Website Designwhole right place/right time situation.

But another part of it (a bigger part) is implementing small, real-time marketing practices regularly. This helps your audience come to expect timely and relevant messages from you.

One easy way to get started with Real Time Marketing is by getting into the action…

Join the conversation on social media.

When you interact with your audience, you can increase the chance of having authentic connections with them around timely, topical content in your industry.

A recent post on Mashable cites real-time marketing as being about something called “trend jacking.” That is, “inserting your brand in relevant, timely conversations on an ongoing basis.” Take a look at an article they did on How Honda Is Responding To Customers In Real Time.

Follow these tips to implement some real-time marketing for your brand now!

1. Build the Right Foundation 

One part of this is having the right team in place. It’s important that your staff (or you) spend the time that it takes to devote to Internet marketing. If you need some extra help with this, hiring an outside company (like Loud Media Solutions) is another option.

In addition to having the right people, you also need the correct procedure. Figure out how your marketing process is going to work. This includes internal communication and creative streamlining.

Social Media Marketing2. Run with the Big Dogs 

Seek to align yourself with other high-level communities that are pertinent to your brand. Look in your industry and also at those whose industries intersect or connect with it.

3. Be Vigilant 

It’s important that you keep close watch over the social media climate. Monitor trends, topics and news in your sphere.

Identify influencers and the roles they fill in their social media communities. You can set alerts using your social media analytics tools so you will always know what is happening and what is being talked about.

4. Create Timely Content

In order to be part of the real-time marketing arena, you must share content in real time. Automating your social media content can be helpful for certain things, but if there isn’t a real person paying attention to the social media streams, you’ll never get the maximum potential out of these important tools.

Much of real-time marketing is trial and error. Your first attempt might not go viral. But don’t give up. If you join the conversation and share quality, timely content, your audience will take note.

And if you need some additional help with real-time or any other type of Internet marketing or social media, we’d love to speak to you!

Contact us or leave a comment and we’d love to help!

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