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Generating leads is a big part of any business and one way to generate more leads for your biz is to optimize your landing page.

When a visitor arrives at your website landing page, they should want to proceed. You can draw them in by creating an awesome landing page for your website.


The landing page should load quickly and be easy to navigate. Also, you probably want to make sure it follows Google landing page guidelines.


If you create a form as a tactic to generate leads on your landing page, remember to make it user friendly and easy to complete. Visitors to your site might not want to offer up all their personal information if your site doesn’t seem trustworthy.

Research shows that each subsequent step you ask visitors to complete in a form decreases the likelihood they will fill it out. By keeping the info you ask for at a bare minimum, you can help up the chance they will enter their info.

When website visitors leave a form half-complete without submitting it, analytic software can count this as a bounce and that will hurt your site’s numbers.

Every lead that comes in through landing page forms will not be a genuine one so it is necessary to flush them out and see what sticks in order to convert the leads to closed sales. The success of your online brand depends on your web traffic.

This is why it’s so important that you have a crazy good website to keep ’em coming back. Another way to engage your readers is using a blog as a content marketing tool. If you need help creating a website that wows, Loud Media is here for you! And if you’d like to learn more about how you can make Google Analytics grow your brand, we’d love to help.

Our team at Loud Media Solutions knows how email marketing can affect your business in amazing ways and we can help you take advantage of your social reach to convert!

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