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The advantages of a well run Twitter account for your brand and business are immeasurable. The opportunities to reach out to your customers and spread brand awareness with Twitter are practically endless.


Here are some tips to maximize your returns with Twitter.

Blue bird

Blue bird

1.) Quality Control-

Your tweets are not the place to get lazy. It can be easy to play it fast and loose due to the nature of Twitter. But don’t get so comfortable that you start to neglect the basics like spelling, frequency, images, and above all, content.

Tweets may be short, digestible tidbits of information, but don’t let that translate into a sloppy, irrelevant mess.

2.) Motivation-

Give your followers a reason to follow you. And to retweet you. Promotions, competitions, and access to Twitter only exclusive content will keep your followers around and get them sharing your content with the people in their lives.

3.) The Human Touch-

You can step outside the box of promotion and branding by showing your followers that your company is more than just its product and sales. Let your followers meet some of your team at work and play.

Introduce yourself and your people to connect with your followers. Ride the selfie wave. Encourage your team to take some selfies at work for you to convey the heart and soul of the people behind your brand.

4.) Research-

Typewriter close up shot concept of Market Research

Typewriter close up shot concept of Market Research

Twitter is great for appealing directly to your customer base. Don’t shy away from simply asking them what they want next from your brand or to let you know what they thought of a particular product.

Ask for input on how you can improve your brand. Your customers won’t be shy. Twitter is an inexpensive and easy way to do simple market research.

5.) Be An Expert-

Use your brand’s Twitter account to provide your followers and customers with the latest news and information concerning your niche. Confirm your news and facts before you tweet information and always strive to provide your followers with accurate and useful info about your field.

Become a reliable source of useful information and news in your market and your followers will stick around and stay loyal to your brand.

6.) Images-

Using images effectively on Twitter is pretty simple. Try to incorporate vivid, colorful images whenever possible in order to really stand out and catch the eye. Just like on Facebook, Long horizontal images work best on Twitter.

Vertical images get cut off on Twitter just like on Facebook, so plan your images accordingly. The same is true for infographics. Keep them short to maximize their effectiveness on Twitter.

7.) Events-

Industry events and conferences are ideal for tweeting. Most people are not getting an insider’s experience, so take advantage of yours by live tweeting and giving your followers a taste of what’s going on inside an exclusive event.

Give your followers a recap of the interesting parts and make them feel included.

8.) Engage-

You can use Twitter to reach out to your followers and engage in conversations, debates, and discussions about your brand and your industry.

This lets your customers feel more involved and connected, and shows you’re interested in their opinions and feedback.

9.) Don’t Get Too Serious-

Your brand’s Twitter account is ultimately for business purposes. That being said, if you’re boring, no one is going to follow you.

You don’t have to be constantly making jokes and trying to make your followers laugh, but you also don’t have to play the straight man all the time.

Feel free to keep it light hearted and informal, but at the same time professional. Even if you’re in the business of selling over-sized clown shoes, you still need to keep it professional, and at least a little serious.

Find your brand’s voice and strike a balance. Let it come naturally.

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your efforts in the New Year will have maximum benefits for your business. Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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