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Is your website listing like a damaged vessel, dead in the water, and seemingly beyond salvage no matter what you try to revive it?

If this describes your current situation, it may be time to make some changes before it’s too late to save your website from internet purgatory.

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There are a lot of ways websites fail. From design to user navigation, if your website is underdeveloped in a single area, it has the potential to drive off customers. The exact opposite effect you’re looking for. Your customers are internet savvy and have small attention spans.

If your website is difficult or frustrating to use, they’re going to quickly click away. Then they’re going to your competition. So look your underachieving website over and see if it could benefit from some of these ideas.

1.) Ordered Homepage-

As your visitor’s landing and launch pad, your homepage absolutely cannot be a mess. It needs to clear, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. Don’t fill it with so much stuff it gets cluttered.

Make it easy for your visitors to get where they want to go. Never use animation, music, or rotating slides. They’re just annoying.

2.) Social Media-

Your social media is an important part of your internet marketing. You probably spend a lot of time working on your company Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and you no doubt link those to your website.

Make it go both ways. Have social media buttons prominently featured for your visitors to see. Don’t make them search for them.

They’ll lose interest and then they’re history. Make sure your buttons function properly and have one for each of your social media platforms.

3.) Stock Photography Abuse-

It’s 2015. Even your phone can take amazing photos. Take the time to take your own photos or hire a professional. No one wants to see a bunch of terrible stock photos when they visit the website of a company they’re interested in.

It’s disingenuous and lazy. Get out there and put some time into your photos. Do them yourself. Get creative. Be original and create the kind of photos your audience can get excited about.

4.) Under Construction-

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Signs on unfinished sections of your website telling visitors to get back to you later are a no go. This was okay in 1999. Not anymore. Placeholders like these just seem clumsy and inept to your visitors.

Disregard them entirely. Having nothing is better than having a sign telling people you’re not ready for the big league of conducting business on the internet.

5.) Weak Navigation-

Make your website’s navigation bar clearly visible at the top of the page with clear links back to the homepage. No one wants to sift through a jumbled mess to find the particular page they’re looking for.

Make your website easily navigable and quick to move forwards and backwards. Like pretty much everything online, if your website is a pain, no one is going to stick around for very long, no matter how awesome your product is.

6.) Contact Information-

There’s nothing worse than deciding all you want to do is call a business and you can’t find something as simple as their phone number or address on their website. Make your contact info easy to spot right up front.

If your visitors can’t find your information, they’re either going to get frustrated and click away, or they’re going to think you’re running a scam and click away.

7.) Welcome mat-

Your website needs to be immediately welcoming and inviting. Go beyond just saying “welcome to the site!” You don’t have to go overboard by using all the no no’s we’ve already covered.

Audio and animation are a no go, and be judicious with images. Make your brand speak for itself and stay consistent with its ethos and mission. Your welcome sign/message will come naturally. Don’t force it.

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your efforts in the New Year will have maximum benefits for your business. Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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