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For most businesses, an internet marketing strategy is vital to keeping the lights on. Can you think of a company that doesn’t rely on the web in at least some measure?

If they still exist, they’re a rare breed.

For most of us in business, the idea of not having an internet marketing strategy is unimaginable.

But what does a company do when it starts hemorrhaging followers?

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The last thing you need is followers clicking the unsubscribe button. You need to immediately find out what’s going wrong and turn it around.

Do the research and make the changes necessary to stop losing people and draw them in instead. Here are a few reasons you may be losing folks.

1.) Email Frequency-

Perhaps the most common reason a company starts losing followers is the number of emails they are receiving.

Generally speaking, no matter your field, no one wants to get pounded over the head by constant emails.

Think about all the competition for your followers’ attention out there.

Your followers only have so much time they can dedicate to reading newsletters and emails.

If your emails get bothersome in their frequency, you can expect an unsubscribe. Try one email a week. Or even one every couple of weeks. Any more than that is risky.

2.) Mobile Devices-

Most folks these days do everything online with their smartphones. From email, to Facebook, to surfing, to shopping, almost everything gets done on the smartphone.

Desktops, laptops, and tablets are constantly losing ground to the tiny, hand held devices everyone has these days.

So if your emails, newsletters, and social media pages are not mobile friendly, which means they’re a pain, they’re getting dumped.

No one’s firing up their desk dinosaur just to read your mobile incompatible content. Sorry. It’s not personal. You’re just inconvenient.

3.) Content-

Your content needs to stay relevant and useful to your followers, or you’re history. No one wants to filter through a lot of boring to get to a little bit of interesting.

Remember to be of value to your followers. As for emails, don’t bog them down with too much content. Don’t make reading them a chore.

Long form text is usually not welcome either. Include some images and stay focused on one or two pieces of content to stay interesting.

Bite size information is what your followers want because it’s all they have time for these days.

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4.) Posting Too Infrequently-

If you decide to run a blog, then run a blog. If you let six months roll by between posts, your followers are going to forget you exist.

And when they do remember your blog briefly, it’s just going to be long enough to hit the unsubscribe button.

Once you commit to a blog, you need to post with consistency and often enough that your followers stay interested.

5.) Respond-

If you get questions or comments, are you taking the time to respond to them? Because you certainly should be.

Your followers are taking time out of their day to give your blog, emails, or social media page their attention.

The least you can do is answer questions and comment back.

Remember, if your followers feel unappreciated, even for a second, they can always unfollow you and move on to the next interesting spot on the internet.

You have untold millions of competitors for your followers’ attention. Don’t take them for granted.

6.) Ads-

Are your advertisements just too obnoxious to tolerate? Organize them on a simple side bar and don’t put a bunch of sketchy links everywhere.

If your followers think your shady because you disguise ads as relevant links in your post, you’re getting some unsubscribes.

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your efforts in the New Year will have maximum benefits for your business.

Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

Contact us or leave a comment and let us know your thoughts?

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