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Millennials are the fastest growing (and currently the largest), demographic. In terms of buying power, millennials spend over a hundred and fifty billion dollars annually.

And that number is only going to get bigger over the next couple of decades. As far as online marketing is concerned, millennials are the most dialed in.

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They’re not the end of the line (boomers are increasingly tech savvy), but they’re definitely the lion’s share of focus for most internet marketing strategies.

So it’s vital for your company to reach them, and more importantly, getting them to reach out to each other with your content. Here are some ideas on how to get them talking and sharing.

1.) Millennials Want Meaningful Experiences-

If you want to get millennials talking with each other about your content, it has to be a meaningful experience they want to share with their friends and loved ones. Online interaction is how most millennials relate to one another.

They’re the first generation to be born with the internet, and they use it to communicate all day long.

Good content is internet marketing 101, but it’s more important than ever as you’re trying to reach the perpetually plugged in millennials and hoping they hit the share button.

2.) Millennials Embrace Online Reviews-

Millennials research pretty much everything online before committing to a purchase, so user generated content is a crucial part of the consumer buying decision process.

Always be sure you’re making it easy for your customers to post their reviews and opinions of your product for others to see. Encourage them to share their opinions on all your social media platforms.

Don’t be afraid of a negative review. Take them as an opportunity to prove your dedication to customer service and resolve problems publicly and quickly. Let your customers know their opinion matters.

3.) Millennials Are Socially Responsible-

Social Policy

It’s pretty common for millennials to be portrayed as self absorbed and too plugged into their video games and Twitter accounts to care about anything past themselves. In reality, the millennials are very socially conscious.

And they’re spending reflects their commitment to their values. They want to do business with companies that are concerned about their environmental impact and improving their society.

If you want millennials to get involved with your company, you need to be helping out somewhere, somehow. Show them your company is serious about social responsibility.

They’ll become loyal customers and share your content with their friends and loved ones. Don’t phone it in, though. Millennials are practically professionals when it comes to spotting a phoney.

If your millennial customers believe in what you’re doing, they will share the idea with their friends.

4.) Entertain Them-

Millennials want their advertising to be entertaining more than anything else. Sure, they want to be informed and educated, but they want a dancing bear or something similarly awesome to deliver your company’s message.

That means you need to find ways to get them laughing while you’re advertising your motor oil, mop handles, or deodorant. Think about recent cultural trends in advertising. Super Bowl ads with massive budgets and visual effects.

Viral videos featuring similar efforts. All aimed at getting the millennials to giggle and spend their money. These kind of ads are common now. They aren’t sequestered to the internet or an annual sporting event. They are everyday.

So if you want to get millennials sharing your content, you need to entertain them. But millennials are not stupid. The dancing bear is metaphor. Don’t insult your customers’ intelligence.

Your company can find a way to entertain without being disingenuous or condescending. If your content is entertaining and shows them how your product or service can make their lives easier, your millennial customers will hit the share button.

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your efforts in the New Year will have maximum benefits for your business. Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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