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There are so many different social media platforms at our disposal as Internet marketing pros. But how do you know which ones to focus on and gplus-icons g+128which ones to ditch?

Google+ is proving itself to be an invaluable social media marketing asset that meshes perfectly into any kind of existing social media marketing strategy. With 90 million users and still growing all the time, Google plus is here to stay, and no matter the niche or field, every business can benefit from a Google+ account. Here’s some reasons why.

Getting Started- One of the most valuable parts of a Google+ account is the “about page”. You couldn’t ask for a better way to quickly introduce your business and immediately give visitors a clear picture of what your company does.

From here, you can backlink to pages detailing your company’s products and services. The about page introduces your business and lets your visitors head immediately to what they’re looking for. Wasting visitors’ time is a sure way to lose them early. Your about page prevents that.

The Circles Feature- There’s no better way for a business to segment its followers than through the Google+ circles feature. Circles gives marketers the ability to craft highly specific messaging directed at various groups of followers. This makes for much more intimate and authentic communication directed at varying groups based on their individual characteristics.

Not every message is appropriate for every one of your followers. Circles helps you sort them out and match them up.

Hangouts- Nothing lets you reach out to potential business prospects like video conferencing on Google+ hangouts. It’s integrated with other Google apps, allowing you to connect with people for business. It’s quick and easy and is simply a great way to communicate.

Events- Google events allows account holders to generate customizable invitations to anyone. Invite people to webinars, social gatherings, unveils, etc.

Use “party mode” to let everyone in attendance of your event upload photos to a single album with the Google+ mobile app that you can set up as a slideshow in Google +. It’s a great way to show a warm side to your business and show off the people involved.

Authorship- This is how Google authenticates your content and establishes you as a source for content. It’s the best way to utilize the search engine optimization of Google+. It lets you put an author picture with any of your blog posts found with a Google search.

Using Google authorship increases awareness of your Google+ profile, helps your content stand out on a page of search results, and builds trust by putting a human face on your content.

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Visibility- Google plus is often thought of as just another social media outlet. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Your Google+ account means increased search visibility. That is especially helpful for small businesses. Search engine algorithms never stop improving, and their relationship with social media is only going to get deeper and more involved.

Google has the lion’s share when it comes to searches. Your Google+ content will show up in searches your website, blog, or other social media content might not.

The YouTube Connection- YouTube is the number two processor of searches, second only to Google, with over three billion searches a month. And Google owns YouTube.

Creating a YouTube channel means you have to have a Google account. Having a YouTube channel but no Google+ account is simply throwing free increased search engine optimization out the window. It’s a waste not to take advantage of the connection.

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Complete Your Profile- Get all of your company’s vitals on your business page. Don’t skip details. It looks lazy and unprofessional, especially if you are a small or young business. Don’t forget to be using keywords.

After all, it’s all about search engine optimization. Make heavy use of video and images. Show your company’s base of operations and some pics of employees and associates. It adds a human touch. Show them at work and at play.

Always Be Attracting Followers- Reach out to people. If someone adds you to their circle, add them to yours. It’s just like following on Facebook or other social media platforms. Build your community. Focus on companies, personalities, and potential customers in your field. Even the competition. Perhaps especially the competition.

Your number of followers eventually shows up with your link in a Google search. Just like a blog and other social media helps establish your authority in your field or niche, so does your number of followers on your Google+ account.

So if you haven’t set up a Google+ account for your company yet, put it at the top of your list. You’ll be happy with the results you get.

Something else to consider is setting up a Google+ Local listing. Click here to learn more about setting up a Google+ Local listing for your business!

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your Google+ page will have maximum benefits for your business. Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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