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With about a billion registered users and almost three hundred million monthly active users, Twitter is a long way from its humble beginnings in 2007 when it was considered a gimmick.

Today, the business world has taken notice of the social media powerhouse and are taking advantage of the marketing potential the platform has to offer. But unless you’re implementing a carefully devised plan for integrating Twitter into your company’s social media marketing strategy, you may be missing out on all that Twitter can do for your business.Social Network Blue Talking Bubbles Or Balloons

Using Twitter demonstrates your company is tech savvy and ultra modern, and is perfect for reaching out to the technologically sophisticated young consumers of today. If your company is getting followed on Twitter, it means you’re doing something right.

Like Facebook (no pun intended), and other social media, Twitter is all about generating followers who will share your content with retweets and help build a long lasting and loyal following for you on their own.

Twitter is all about getting followed. Your company may be on Twitter, but are you maximizing its full potential? There are different strategies you can try to increase your followers. see if some of these strategies might make a difference for your company’s Twitter.

What Are You Tweeting?- There is no substitute for great content. It must be your top priority on any social media platform.

If your goal is to grow your followers and get them to share your posts with retweets, you have to be creating content worth their time. Ask yourself if what you are sharing is useful, informative, relevant, or entertaining.

It must have value for your followers or they will lose interest pretty quick. And they definitely won’t be retweeting anything that bores them or wastes their time. If the trend of bad content continues, they will unfollow you.

Listen To Your Followers- The best way to find out what kind of content your followers want to see is to simply ask them.

  • Do they follow to get informed about how to more effectively use your products or services?
  • Do they follow to hear about special, promotions, and events?
  • Do they just want to be entertained?
  • Do they want to be informed and educated?

Ask your followers what they want and then deliver.

Twitter Exclusives- Offering Twitter only specials on your company’s goods and services will help build your following. It’s essentially offering your followers a reward for following you.

They’ll be more excited about reading your tweets and more likely to share news of a great deal with their friends and family.

Social Media KeywordsInteract With Multiple Followers- Twitter is about communication, so communicate.

Start conversations and debates with multiple followers and get involved with them.

This will foster the type of meaningful relationships social media marketing is really all about.

It also demonstrates to your followers that you are genuinely interested in their thoughts and opinions when it comes to your company’s products/services and how they use them.

Following- Following is what Twitter is all about, and it’s just as important to follow as to be followed.

Follow the people you know and ask them for retweets, then follow their followers.

Find out who some of the experts in your particular field are and follow them. Follow back anyone who follows you. It will go along way towards building a Twitter community you can get involved with.

Make different lists for your competitors, customers, and potential customers and treat each accordingly. Twitter apps like Hootsuite and TweetDeck are great tools for organizing your different feeds.

Don’t Be A Bot- Go beyond simply interacting with your followers in discussions and personal exchanges. Show something of your personality. No one wants their interactions to feel cold and mechanical.

Show your human side through some genuine comments and even a joke or two. It is okay to be yourself. Your individual personality and sense of humor can be a big part of why your followers actually follow you.

Inform and educate, but balance that with some entertainment and you will see your followers stick around and even grow.

Your Twitter account can be an invaluable part of your marketing strategy. Learn how to merge it with your other social media and it can become a key way for your company to build long lasting and loyal customers.

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your Facebook advertising and promotions will have maximum benefits for your business. Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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