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Facebook has established itself as one of the cornerstones of any social media marketing strategy. With over a billion active users worldwide (of which 800 million log in daily), it’s not hard to understand why businesses want to get involved.

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Facebook lets businesses interact with their customers (and potential customers), in ways that build lasting loyalties and meaningful relationships. Sharing is also a big part of the Facebook user’s experience, and allows businesses to recruit users to get involved in their marketing.

However, Facebook has changed things up a bit and the ability of businesses to reach their target audience strictly through organic promotion with likes and shares is not what it used to be.

In fact, organic reach has been greatly curtailed in order to phase in paid advertisements on Facebook. You may have noticed this if you use Facebook to promote your brand or company. Your posts might not be getting the reach they once did. But that’s all part of Facebook’s grand plan.

If this stresses you out, never fear! Loud Media understands the ins and outs of Facebook advertising. Read more about how you can navigate these waters! And if you need a little extra help promoting your brand on social media, we’re your guys!

Facebook Advertising – Just What is it all About?

There are two main types of advertising available on Facebook now. There’s standard Facebook ads and the promoted post. It’s important to understand the differences in order to figure out which one is best suited to meet your company’s needs.

Facebook Ads vs. Sponsored Posts – Which is better for you? 

All About Facebook Ads – Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

The most common and most straightforward method is the Facebook ad. You buy space for your ad and it shows up in your target audience’s news feed. Using demographics like age, gender, zip codes, etc., you are able to determine your audience.

Your audience is also determined by what your target audience is interested in as set by your parameters. For example, if you are in the automotive industry or create a product that is part of that business, you want your audience to like cars.

And if you offer a luxury good or service, you’ll want to think about that too as you target potential customers. Facebook has even starting partnering with credit reporting agencies to determine the wealth of users for the purposes of advertising. That’s right: businesses can now factor incomes into their Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads – How Much Should You Spend?

The size of your audience is based not only on your parameters, but also your budget. How much you spend is ultimately what determines the size of your audience. There are no guarantees with Facebook ads. You may run a great ad and spend a lot of money to have a big audience, but there’s always a chance no one or very few people will click on it. It’s never a sure thing.

Using Ads Wisely – Don’t Annoy Users with Overkill

Another unfortunate fact of life when dealing with Facebook ads is that people might not want to see them. They’re often considered an annoyance by the average Facebook user, and what’s worse, they’re often compared to spam.

That’s a good reason to use your Facebook ads wisely and conservatively. Running excessive ads will not only be hard on your budget, it can be just as hard on your reputation. Business is hard enough without chasing off customers with annoying ads.

"Like" symbol on blue backgroundSponsored Posts – Boosting Facebook Content to Reach More People 

Then there’s the promoted post. The promoted post is targeted toward your existing followers.

There was a time on Facebook when if you wanted a post to be seen by all your followers, all you had to do was click an icon. Now, you have to pay for it.

You pick a post you want all your followers to see and basically turn it into an ad for your business. For a one time fee, the post is sent out to all your followers and you even have the option to reach out to everyone on their friends list.

You can promote a post for as little as five bucks, just remember you get what you pay for. It’s easier on the budget, but you aren’t going to reach as many people since you’re limited to your followers and their friends.

What’s the Difference? How Promoted Posts Appear

Promoted posts are bigger than Facebook ads and much more visible, taking up a lot more space in the feed. Promoted posts are perfect for getting the word out to your followers about special events, promotions, sales, and news in general.

Another great benefit of the promoted post is the outreach. Promoted posts are intimate engagements with your followers, not a random and unsolicited ad taking up space on your feed. Your followers are your followers for a reason, and that’s because they want to hear from you.

Wrapping it Up – Ads vs. Promoted Posts on Facebook 

So basically, making the decision to use Facebook ads or promoted post is all about which will get your business the best results.

If your company is fairly young and your Facebook page doesn’t have a ton of followers, running an ad may be more effective for reaching people. If your company’s Facebook page is blowing up with thousands and thousands of followers, a promoted post will work well for you.

Do some research and determine which one is best for your company.

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your Facebook advertising and promotions will have maximum benefits for your business. Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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