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If you have a business, it’s a safe bet you have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Social media is the new frontier of advertising and everyone’s taking advantage. The benefits of being able to reach out to your followers and potential new customers are impossible to ignore. Perhaps it’s time for you to expand your social media strategy with something new. It might be time for you to give Pinterest a try.

Since it started in 2012, Pinterest has proven itself a rival of pretty much all other social media platforms combined. It’s become a powerhouse of referral traffic for websites. If you need to increase your website traffic, you aren’t going to find a better way than Pinterest.

If you want to get the most out of Pinterest, get to know and understand it first. Here are a few pointers to remember going in.

Setting Up- Set up an account in your business name and use your logo. Don’t set up an account in your name and intend to use it for your business. That defeats the purpose. Pinterest is a visual outlet, so make your logo stand out.

Get Your Links In- Remember, you’re setting up a Pinterest Page to drive traffic to your business website. Link your business social media and website in your pins. Use the Pin It button on all your pinable material to make it easy for visitors to pin it to their boards. Give your visitors a way to follow you with a “follow me” button.

Citations- Pinterest is the social media wild west right now, but probably not for much longer. Be sure your checking copyrights before pinning non-original content. On your original content, put your logo or website on the image. This keeps your pinable content referring to your brand everywhere it goes.

Be A Social Butterfly- Comment and like the pins from other businesses. Pinterest is as much a social media platform as Facebook or Twitter. Making friends and connections by engaging others will help get you involved with the personalities in your field and increase your exposure. Make boards and pins and give them titles that catch interest. Start following users and repinning their stuff to make friends and get conversations started. And don’t forget to go to boards and say thanks for repins.

Your Images: Do The Work- This also applies to video and text. Yes, there is text on Pinterest. Don’t post bad pics. It’s that simple, really. A poor pic isn’t getting repinned. That makes it a waste of time. Don’t just do one kind of pic either. Especially with original content. If you need to take a class, then do it, but mix up your pics. Don’t just have fifty pins of your different products in the same pose and in the same lighting. Make your pins eye catching and engaging. Make people want to look at them. And share them. The same goes for video. Video is underused on Pinterest, especially considering how effective it is. Make quality videos with the same standards as your pics. Text doesn’t work if it’s boring or inappropriate. Find a font that matches the spirit of your pic or video.

Don’t Just Sell- Like other social media platforms, Pinterest is absolutely not meant to be strictly a sales outlet. Mix your products with what’s going on in your field. Show other people’s activities and products. Get you brand’s spirit across and have fun doing it. Pinterest pays off when it’s genuine and fun to use by both sides of the equation: the brand and the user/follower.

Inform And Educate- Want to really get a following? Use your Pinterest and other social media platforms to establish your brand as the place to go to learn or get help and advice. If you’re providing how to videos and educational pins, people will start taking advantage of the free help. Nothing builds brand loyalty like helping someone accomplish something. No matter what product or service your brand provides, you can find a way to educate and inform.

These are just a few bits of basic advice to consider as you start using Pinterest. Pinterest is a great tool with lots to discover as you proceed. Take the time and do the research to get the most out of it. Good luck!

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