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The year has come to a close and we’re about to start a new one. New Years is a time for reflection and figuring out what changes we want to make for the future. A new year is not just a time to clean out the closet and start exercising, it’s also an important time for businesses to take a look at their internet marketing and figure out where they want to be.

Internet marketing has become one of the most powerful methods of marketing as people spend more and more time online.

Marketing Goals

Your internet marketing can be a powerful thing that can push your business towards success or it can drag you down if you’re not doing it right.

When you understand the power of internet marketing, you can leverage it to take your brand to the next level. It’s time to assess your social media marketing strategies and see what you can do differently in the new year. Here are some ideas.

Perform a S.W.O.T. Analysis- Determine your current social media marketing strategy’s Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Perhaps your social media has performed beyond expectations is certain areas. Maybe you have a hundred thousand followers on Facebook. That’s a strength, and you might not need to mess with the formula when you’re getting that kind of results.

Maybe you’re having issues with your content? Have you slipped into self promotion? Is your content irrelevant? Maybe you simply aren’t posting enough. These all represent weaknesses that you may need to spend some time addressing.

Have you done some research and discovered that a great amount of your website traffic is coming from Pinterest? That’s an opportunity for you to start focusing on Pinterest.

Is your biggest competitor knocking it out of the park with a blog while you don’t even have a blog? That’s a threat that needs to be addressed. And remember, a threat can be turned into an opportunity if it’s handled right.

Set Goals - Motivational Reminder

Identify Your Goals For The New Year- Determine what you want out of your social media strategies for the new year. Do you want to grow your customer base? It may be time to start a referral rewards program or to start giving incentives like freebies to first time customers.

Do you want to increase awareness of your company? It might be time to start using new social media platforms and designing some online ad campaigns and content marketing. Want to grow your email list? Work on updating and streamlining your signup page and offer some incentives for signing up like freebies and access to exclusive content. Identify what you want and the best way to get it. Then and only then can you start achieving your goals.

Create A Plan- Make a plan for reaching your goals and measuring your progress. What are you going to have accomplished by the end of January? 1000 new likes on Facebook or other social media platform? Is it reasonable to expect your new efforts to generate 200 new customers by the end of the first quarter? Can you expect 500 new sign ups for your email list by June?

Set a reasonable goal and strive to hit the mark on time, if not pass it. Set blocks of time every day or week dedicated to working toward reaching your specific goals. If you need to spend an hour every morning on Facebook in order to reach your set goal, so be it. Devote the resources and time necessary toward reaching your goal.

2015 goals - New Year resolution concept - text in vintage metal

Stay Motivated- It’s up to you to find ways to keep yourself motivated. Find ways to reward yourself and your team for reaching each of your new years goals. Put your goals on a board in an area everyone can see it. Spend a few minutes every morning meditating toward attaining your goals.

After reaching certain milestones, reward yourself and your team by going out for a group dinner or taking a trip to a local fun spot. Motivation can be found in all kinds of ways. It’s your job to figure out what motivates you and your team and make it happen.

These are just a few ideas for expanding your social media in the new year. What are you going to do differently in 2015?

Try applying these ideas to your brand or business’ Internet marketing goals and plan. You’ll be happy with the results.

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your efforts in the New Year will have maximum benefits for your business. Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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