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In order for marketing to be successful, it must be measurable. Awareness is one of those tricky things that can seem hard to measure, but when you tie it to specific metrics, it really is something you can track for your brand or business.

Brand awareness just means how strong your brand is. It’s the extent to which people (i.e. consumers) know about your brand and fully understand what it is you do (i.e. what services or goods you provide).

Google Analytics are a good way to measure brand awareness and the best part about that is it is free for you to do so.

One way to track your brand awareness is to see how much traffic is generated by your site.

1. Look at Search Visits 

This will help you understand how many people are searching for your brand and visiting your site as a result of those searches.

In Google Analytics Traffic Sources section, go to Keywords and search for Keywords containing “yourbrandname”

This will show you the number of visits your site has gained due to people searching for your brand and clicking over to your website.

2. Check out Direct Traffic 

This will tell you how many people are aware of your site and if they visit it. It might seem overly simplified, but when people come directly to your website via typing in your domain or from a bookmark, it shows you how many people are aware of your brand and deciding to visit you online.

3. How Many Visitors are New? 

New visits are probably folks who are having a first engagement with your brand. The experience these individuals have on your site is crucial to whether or not they will return.

This is why it’s so important that you have a crazy good website to keep ’em coming back. If you need help creating a website that wows, Loud Media is here for you! And if you’d like to learn more about how you can make Google Analytics grow your brand, we’d love to help.

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