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How to Measure Your Social Media Efforts to Ensure Success –

As a leading Internet marketing agency, Loud Media Solutions encounters brands and businesses that now exist in the social spaces of the Internet like never before.

A crucial component to being successful in business these days is having a social presence to be proud of. It’s all about building a community and engaging with your audience, but what’s all the effort worth?

Image courtesy of phanlop88/

Image courtesy of phanlop88/

Measuring your social media impact is another important part of an effective Internet marketing plan.

This is where you can determine how your bottom line is being affected by social media marketing.

A great place to start this process is with a social media strategy. Couple this with some proven metrics and you will be well on your way to having more success with social media marketing.

Here are some more tips for creating your social media strategy so you can start measuring your success!

Know Your Influencers 

Influencers have an important role in the world of social media. These are individuals who have the ability to affect conversions and engagement through their online involvement. Influencers can increase public awareness of products, services and business news because they have built social trust with their audience.

Through tweets, social media sharing and blog posts, influencers can help you drive your messages so they engage communities to act.

It’s important to know who your influencers are. This allows you to connect with them and build an effective strategy around them so they can promote your brand.

Determine Which Metrics Matter 

When it comes to measuring your social media success, there are lots of ways to determine how your efforts are producing results. However, it’s about more than just likes and shares. Instead of trying to fit your audience into your strategy, create a strategy that causes your message to fit with your audience.

Here are a few important metrics to consider when measuring your social media marketing:

  • Site traffic – How is your content causing more people to visit your site? How do these visitors engage once they arrive? How long do they stay? 
  • Social conversations – What are people saying about your brand? How can you start more conversations or  join the conversations already taking place?
  • Social sharing – How is your content being shared? Are you creating content that is easily shared? Do you encourage your audience to share and share alike?
  • Referrals – How do visitors arrive at your site? Are you influencers referring them or perhaps an online article about your brand?
  • Conversions – How is all this affecting your bottom line? Are you seeing conversions based on social strategies?

Each of these is important when looking at your overall social media success. The most important thing to remember is keep it simple. Instead of simply counting likes or shares, take a look at your influencers and learn more about how they impact your content.

Finally, you will want to get the maximum ROI or return on investment.

This can’t be done without a strategy. You should measure the social media impact of your content and influencers to build a foundation for your long-term plan. Craft your social media strategy with solid metrics in place and you will be able to see past the clutter of the social media landscape and get the maximum benefits for your effort and investment.

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