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ID-100120981When it comes to your business, what you say matters. But what your customers say about you matters even more!

According to recent research with consumers, 90% answered that they made purchase decisions based on positive online reviews.

Similarly, 86% said that negative reviews influenced their purchases as well.

As a brand or business, getting customer reviews should be a priority. But you have to go about this carefully.

Below are some tips for getting better customer reviews.

When you incorporate these methods into your marketing strategy, you should see an increase in the quantity and quality of customer reviews your business gets.

Getting Great Customer Reviews

1. Make it Easy for Your Customers to Write Reviews 

When spending time online, a person’s attention is highly sought after. There are so many messages coming at consumers that it’s easy for them to become distracted.

Average customers don’t want to spend time searching for a way to leave a review. This is why you must make it easy for them to provide feedback.  Use direct links to surveys or other review methods through email auto-responders or other means.

2. Offer Multiple Ways for Customers to Review

Everyone is different and everyone communicates differently. Some people enjoy filling out surveys while other like to answer open-ended questions.

Give your customers multiple options for submitting their reviews. This applies to platforms and formats. Some customers may want to shoot a short video testimonial to express their review for your business. Allow customers to be creative, especially when they are highly-satisfied and have positive things to say about your brand.

For some easy (and free) ways to collect testimonials from your customers, try sites like:

google places

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials are part of doing business in most every industry. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask your customers to offer reviews.

They won’t always have time to do it immediately, but most will understand that this is important to your long-term success as a business and they will want to comply.

When you let customers know their opinions matter to you, they will ultimately get more out of the experience of working with you because they will feel more valued.

A simple way to ask for testimonials is by setting up an email auto-responder that goes out to your customers after the transaction happens, you can include links to any of the sites above and automate the process.

4. Identify Brand Ambassadors 

A positive review has great benefits for your brand or business. Not only did you have a happy customer, but he or she took the time to share his experience with your brand.

This is how brand ambassadors are made. When you have a highly satisfied customer who feels comfortable expressing an opinion online, he or she can be a powerful advocate for your brand.

5. Pay Attention to Negative Reviews

Along the way, every business will get some negative feedback. It’s more important how you respond to this.

Listen to your customers, especially when they have something less than positive to say about you. Address the negative reviews head on. Often, an unhappy customer can become a happy customer with a little engagement on behalf of the brand.

There’s also a possibility you can turn those negative reviewers into potential brand advocates because they appreciate the fact that you took the time to address their concerns.

When you are in business, you want to offer a great product or service and excellent customer experiences. This always helps pave the way for happy customers and positive reviews.

Follow these tips and you will begin to see better customer reviews in no time!

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