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How To Disconnect From People On LinkedIn Easy Tutorial

Connecting with someone is not a marriage by any means, so you can un-friend someone but they don’t make it easy… yet.

To help we shot this quick video tutorial, check it out…

When you connect with someone on LinkedIn you are getting involved with their virtual world, if the relationship does not work out and you want to disconnect with them on LinkedIn because you feel you are being spammed or for any other reason, you can disconnect from them and remove them as a connection or “friend” altogether.

Disconnecting with a connection is as simple as going to the “Contacts” screen, pressing “Remove Connections” at the top right-hand side, and then finding and clicking on who you want to disconnect with and remove from your LinkedIn connections.

The great thing about this Remove Connections functionality to disconnect is that:

–> Your contact that you are un-friending will not be notified that you removed them from your connections.

–> Should the person that you disconnected with want to invite you to connect again, even after you remove them as a connection, they will get an error message saying “This user cannot be invited at this time”.

–> If you want, you will be able to re-connect with the person you disconnected from, in which case the connection will be fully restored as if you never removed them.

So there you have it, leave us your comments and let us know what you think?

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