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ID-100149597If you are going to make videos for your business, you might as well do it right. Right?

When it comes to video, YouTube is the pack leader. If you can get someone’s attention and keep it using YouTube videos, you’ve won a large part of the Internet marketing battle.

Youtube has become the worlds 2nd biggest search engine and when you have a successful video campaign you will significantly increase credibility and grow your business.

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A strong video marketing campaign will help you build a following, get more traffic, and make more sales!

1. Find a way to work the system to your advantage 

Instead of trying to outsmart the algorithms for YouTube search, look for a way to work it to your advantage. Pay attention to your keywords when it comes to video titles and descriptions.

Figure out a content strategy and create a schedule for videos. You need regular content being pushed out there to nab the attention of YouTube search engines.

2. Do your market research

You can’t create engaging content unless you know who you are talking to. Who is your audience? If you can’t describe them in detail, it’s time for some market research.

This doesn’t have to be anything highly technical or fancy. Just think about who uses your product. Consider what their lifestyle is like, where they live, how old they are, their job and hobbies.

It’s only when you know who is listening that you can craft messages (in this case, videos) that they will care about.

3. Draw them in from the very start

When you create a video for YouTube, you want to lay all the cards out on the table within the first 5-1o seconds. This is when you let your audience know what they will get from the experience and why they should pay attention.

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4. Think like a filmmaker

Give your videos proper planning. Ask yourself the following questions during this stage:

  • What is the story you are trying to tell?
  • What shots do you need to tell the story?
  • Who will be in the video?
  • What will they wear?
  • What will they say?
  • Are any props needed?
  • Where should the video be set?

Once you have done your pre-planning, execute your video in a way that keeps your audience interested.

There is research that shows it matters less what you say and more how you say it. If you have high energy and are enthusiastic, that will come across in your videos.

What are you passionate about? Let that passion show.

5. Remember SEO 

Engaging videos are only part of YouTube success…another aspect of it is making sure your videos have been optimized for SEO. Choose keywords that are high on searches. Google’s keyword tool can help with this. A good rule of thumb is keywords with 10,000 global monthly searches that also have low competition.

If you can follow these tips, you will experience greater success on YouTube with your video marketing to grow your brand and engage your audience in new ways.

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