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Don’t get wrapped up in all the  Social Media Mess…

Just like a spider web, business owners can get tangled in their own social media web because if done incorrectly it becomes a time-consuming obsession or they don’t have a strategy and get wrapped up in all the BS.

Business owners and Marketers who know the ways’ through the tangled maze are the ones who do BIG THINGS with Social Media.

Here are 5 Tips to make sure you don’t get tangled in the “social media web”

Social Media Tips: 5 Way's To Get More Customers and Measure Your Results1) POPULARITY: Keep an Ear to the Ground

Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to have a presence on every social networking site available. There are waaaaaay to many! Concentrate on those with the most popularity for your target audience, i.e. it’s fairly safe to stick to the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Youtube. Keep an eye out for where your audience goes to avoid being the sole guardian of a dead space no one visits anymore.

2) SOCIALIZE: Post, Share, Discuss, and Comment Your Way into Their Hearts (and Minds)

The magic ingredient to success on your social networking sites is the platform was designed to network and to socialize. Successful networking is done on an individual basis to build a connection and form a relationship. Don’t SELL SELL SELL. You maintain that connection by socializing and sharing your unique insight and position. Be yourself and share your most compelling insights, not just on your profile, but engage and appreciate your audience to encourage reciprocation.

3) SIGNIFICANCE: Everything Great and Relevant

People want to be “in the loop” with what is relevant to them. They want to know what’s going on, what’s available, be included in the conversation, relate to other people, know what’s going on, and more. Become a beacon of positivity and thoughtfullness… and share the things you like and even love. Audiences tend to lean toward the relevant and positive, rather than the negative and irrelevant (No one likes a grumpy pants).

4) BALANCE: There Is Such a Thing as Too Much of a Good ThingInternet Marketing Services Loud Media Solutions

Ever logged into your own social media profiles, saw your wall flooded with irrelevant (lame) posts by others, and had that feeling of “oh great, not you again!” Don’t be that guy. Always place quality over quantity. Find that balance you need to prevent yourself from being ignored, unliked, unfollowed, etc. Find the sweet spot between too much and too little. Along with that make sure you are posting a variety of items on a variety of topics (e.g. 1 photo, 1 text-based post, 1 link, etc.) to keep it fresh and avoid inundating your audience with the same stuff, mix it up.

5) FOCUS: Don’t Measure Numbers, Measure Involvement

You can have tons of followers and still have little success in your efforts. This is a result of focus on numbers and not on quality involvement. The amount of people following you is less important than how you actually interact with them. An engaged audience is an audience that will help you spread your credibility and message. Focus on your immediate audience (those actually listening and participating) and more followers will brighten your future.

There you have it!

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