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Get down with your bad self!

Don’t be afraid to showcase what you and your company do with video.

Multimedia and video is such a key part of the social media experience. Connecting with people and presenting strong, entertaining, content rich multimedia messages allows you to display your company’s value proposition beyond just text.

video marketing p90xAs they say a picture is worth a thousand words… so what does that mean for a video…

Ten thousand words?…

One hundred thousand words?…

A million words?!

Here’s a quick example of effectively showcasing what you do with video can do.

The famous weight loss product P90x was just another fitness book and video home study course. But what they did differently is showcasing all the results they were giving people (look at Michelle… she was fat and now shes ripped… in just 90 days. Then Michelletells her story).

They plastered their testimonials all over their product, website, blogs, and social marketing channels.

The proof is in the pudding. Once people see the results others are having, the need for “selling” is drastically reduced.

The effective use of videos will sell the “benefits and results” of your product or service for you!

All you need is…

1) A digital camera or phone with video recording

2) Video Editing Software (most computers come with one for free)

3) A account

and boom! your off and running.

Leverage the power of multimedia and video marketing to get more customers.

If you have questions of need help, give us a call we are always here to help!

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