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Social Media and Internet Marketing Tip #7: Don’t Kill Your Fanbase… Interact!

Get More Fans, and Engage Your Community of Clients and Prospects

Internet and Social Media Marketing Tips Internet Marketing Success starts with Engaging and Interacting with your fans, followers, and visitors.


In today’s world anyone can set up a blog or fan page… it only takes a few minutes


Simply starting up a blog or a Facebook fan page is not going to do much good (if the people who visit your site feel that the flow of communication is  only going one way). The goal of your page should be to build a community of people who are interested in your niche.

As you cultivate your following they will stay engaged and boast about you across their platforms.


Top bloggers say that “not participating in the comments and posts of your visitors is a sure fire way to kill a community fast.”

The lesson is to take 10-15 minutes out of your day to login into your sites and respond to every comment.

Here are some quick ideas to engage:

– Ask questions and surveys

– Post funny pictures and videos that relate to your content (remember, funny is money).

– Offer tips and how to information for free

Doing this will keep your community tight and the residual effects will be felt throughout your business.

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