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Facebook is rolling out some new Events features this year, and that means the way you use Facebook for your business may need some tweaking.

As Facebook continues to make it harder to use for business, keep up with some of the changes that might change how you’re doing things.

1.) Expect To See More Events/Related Events In Your Feed-

You already sometimes see it when a friend RSVPs an event in your feed. Soon you’re going to see a lot more of these updates. Facebook is hoping to expand its role as a social planning app by encouraging users to RSVP or join events more often.

You’re also going to get a drop-down list of related events every time you RSVP an event. It doesn’t matter if these events are months away, you can expect to hear about them from Facebook.

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2.) Sharing/Chatting Events While In Messenger-

Soon you’ll be able to share events without having to step out of messenger. Facebook wants to bulk up its already formidable messenger user numbers, so they’re trying to make it as easy and convenient as possible.

They’re also going to make it easy to initiate conversations with people who’ve RSVP’d to events you’re hosting or attending with a single click.

3.) Extending Invitations Beyond Facebook-

Facebook is going to make it so you can extend invitations to events to people who aren’t Facebook users. The idea so far is that you’ll be able to extend an invitation by using an email address, and the recipient will be able to respond without having to set up a Facebook account.

4.) Tracking E-commerce-

Expect to see Facebook interacting with e-commerce websites this year. When you make a purchase online, you’ll have the option to click a connect button which will allow companies to send you updates on the status of your package on Facebook.

The idea is to reduce redundant messaging concerning your order, like multiple confirmations, notifications that your order shipped, or that a company received your returned merchandise.

5.) Increased Integration-

There’s always going to be a market for apps, and Facebook is looking for ways to make it possible to use Facebook to make your everyday life easier.

Expect to see Facebook coming up with ways for you to open your garage to controlling your air conditioning to deactivating your home’s alarm system.

Modern Programming Thermostat on a orange wall

Modern Programming Thermostat on a orange wall

6.) Comments-

Because Facebook is so powerful, some websites and businesses are managing their comments through Facebook. It’s becoming more and more prevalent. To comment on major sights like Huffington Post these days you have to have a Facebook account.

More and more news outlets, blogs, and businesses are shifting to this method in order to cash in on Facebook’s super powerful presence.

7.) The News-

Facebook wants to become the place you go for your news. You read that right. Facebook wants to compete with vaunted news outlets like NBC News, The Times, and The Atlantic. As tech companies all try to become everything for everyone, it’s really not that surprising.

It also makes perfect sense as social media outlets highlighting individual stories are trumping the front page and even the home page. Expect to see this develop into a legitimate news outlet.

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