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SEO used to be all about backlinks… the more the merrier!

Now there is a new game in town…

Google Penguin 1.1

Penguin 1.1 hasn’t changed the overall SEO strategy, many say that search will be more interactive now.. You will still need links, submissions, articles, blogs – however, the quality of these resources would certainly matter a lot. There are still many types of tactics that work despite of their low quality and shady nature, Google is making it difficult to adopt it for long term success.

You will need to focus on getting good links to gain more popularity.The kind of links where people are sharing your conent. REAL links, the kind you can’t buy from some guy over seas.

The content of the website will no longer be SEO driven but user driven. Users will determine the entire experience.

You will gain ranking only if users find your content and link valuable. So, at Loud Media Solutions we’re coming up with better, high quality, ROI links in our packages.

Types of links you want:

Pure links – Links which were solely built for SEO purpose. These also include low quality links.

Traffic Links – Used to generate some traffic and SEO values.

ROI Links – Best and high quality links that have more SEO value and gives you right kind of traffic

Why Content / ROI Links are better

1) They provides more qualified traffic, value to SEO activities and awesome conversions.

2)  Links are build from the places where your future customers generally gather

3) Is definitely a win-win situation especially if you are an agency because your relationship with the client will be better.

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